Breath of the Wild – All Mounts & How to Get Them

Sneak up behind those unsuspecting creatures.

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In Breath of the Wild, horses aren’t just a mode of transportation – they’re your four-legged friends and trusty companions. But why settle for your regular horse when there are other interesting options out there to find. There are sand seals, deer, and even a massive, lumbering bear called a Molduga. Each mount has unique stats, strengths, and quirks that can make a real difference in your adventure. Want to move fast and furious across the plains? Hop on a horse. Need to cross the scorching Gerudo Desert? Ride a sand seal. Looking for a bit of raw power? Saddle up on a bear. Here are all of the mounts you can get in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and how to get them.

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How to Get Every Mount in Breath of the Wild

You can do a lot of exploring in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and doing that on foot will take up much more time than jumping on your mount and riding around.


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These trusty steeds can be found throughout Hyrule’s land, but not all horses are created equal. If you want a good horse with great stats, head to the Ridgeland Tower region, where you can find some of the best horses in the game. Look for horses with uniform colors like black, which tend to have higher stats.

Special Horses

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Now let’s move on to the special horses, which offer unique traits and abilities. First on the list is Epona, Link’s trusty companion throughout The Legend of Zelda saga. You’ll need the Link amiibo from Super Smash Bros to unlock Epona.

Next is the White Stallion, also known as Zelda’s horse. This Horse has excellent resistance but has a wild character. To obtain this Horse, you must complete a specific side quest called “The Royal White Stallion,” which involves finding and taming the Horse.

Finally, there’s the Giant Horse, which is incredibly strong but slow, and is rumored to be Ganon’s Horse.

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Wild Creatures

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If you’re looking for something more exotic to ride, look no further than the wild creatures of Breath of the Wild. Unfortunately, these mounts can’t be registered in posts, but they’re still fun to ride.

The Lord of the Mountain is a mystical creature found on Satori Mountain, south of the tower of the hills, next to a cherry tree and a small pond. This creature emits a blue glow at night, making it easy to spot.

Another unique mount is the Stalhorse, which is ridden by skeletal Bokoblins. You can find them between 21:00 and 5:00 in several places on the map, but the most accessible place to catch one is in the North Tabantha Snowfield.

Deer and bears can also be ridden, but they’re more challenging to catch. They can usually be found in wooded areas, and you’ll need to sneak up on them to avoid spooking them. 

But honestly, the most fun wild creature you can ride is the Sand Seal. You can find them in the desert, mainly near Gerudo Town. They’ll get you through this hot area in a matter of minutes.