The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – How to Beat Divine Beast Vah Ruta

If you can get past Sidon’s cringiness, you’re already halfway there.

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Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Vah Ruta is a majestic, elephant-like creature that roams the waters of Hyrule. But don’t be fooled by its docile appearance, for inside lies a treacherous labyrinth of puzzles and enemies waiting to thwart your every move. Only the bravest and most cunning of adventurers dare to enter its depths and emerge victorious, earning the favor of the Zora people and their champion, Mipha. 

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How to Reach Zora’s Domain in Breath of the Wild

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To embark on one of the four missions that comprise The Four Divine Beasts, head west from Lanayru Tower and follow the path until you reach Zora’s Domain. Speak with the king, find Sidon, and travel east to Ploymus Mountain. Climb the waterfall and search for shock arrows stuck in rocks and trees. Gather 20 to complete this part of the quest.

How to Access Vah Ruta in Breath of the Wild

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Prepare for an unusual battle, starting on the prince’s back, where you must obliterate incoming ice blocks. Upon completion, the prince will fly you to a waterfall where you must glide and use a bow to hit four pink dots on the animal. Beware, there will be more ice to destroy; some cube-shaped, and others with spikes that detonate in the water. Once all four dots are destroyed, a cinematic will take you inside the beast.

How to Activate All Vah Ruta terminals in Breath of the Wild

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First, shoot the eye on the first ramp to destroy the slimy area and enter the beast. Next, take out the guardian at the other end and use the magnet module on the crank on the right to reveal Terminal 1, which you must examine. To reach the map, destroy the eye underwater and use the ice module to create a block under the door so that it rises, then examine the altar.

Next, exit and re-enter the animal, climb up the ramp, and use a block of ice to stop the wheel with Terminal 2 at the exact moment when it’s not submerged. Destroy the eye on the next ramp and enter the beast once more. Move the trunk to the top to start the next wheel, then use the paralyzer module on the ball in the center of the wheel to access Terminal 3 before it wears off.

Move the horn to the other side and cross the area to access Terminal 4. From there, glide down to a lower area and enter the hole to shoot the eye on the ceiling and access Terminal 5. Open the map and, move the horn to extinguish the fire blocking Terminal 6, examine the main terminal to face the final boss.

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How to defeat Waterblight Ganon in Breath of the Wild

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In the first phase of the battle, Waterblight Ganon will unleash two attacks — one where he hurls his spear at you and another where he makes a sweeping motion. Stay close to him and attack him with your weapons, but watch out for his spear thrust.

As you damage Waterblight Ganon, he will teleport, and the area will be flooded with water. Four blocks will appear in the area, and you should climb on top of one of them. Destroy the ice blocks that the boss throws at you and shoot him in the head while he’s in between blocks. Once he falls to the ground, attack him with your melee weapons until he’s defeated.