The Sea of Fog and the Rite of the Trees quest guide – Genshin Impact

Time to undo all that work.

Image via miHoYo

For Day 3 of the Through the Mists quest in Genshin Impact, players will find themselves undoing a lot of the work that they have already done. While players have spent time trying to solve the mystery of the stones and learn more about the strange trees on the island, it is now time to destroy them.

The first thing players will need to do is speak with Kama in Ritou. They will learn more about his relationship with the island, then make their way to Tsurumi once again. The fog is back, so head through it to the waypoint, then go to the first perch site to look for Ruu. He won’t be there, but it’s time for the main body of the quest to begin.

The perches have to go for today’s mission. Doing so is actually quite easy. Make your way to all four perch locations as shown on the map below. Hit the trees with whatever attacks or abilities you like until they get to half health.

When that happens, some electro spheres will come out of them and float away. They will be marked on the map, and you will be able to use Elemental Sight to track them. Move from one to the other, hitting them with elemental abilities until they are destroyed. When they are all dealt with, you can head back to the perch and finish destroying it.

The process is the same in all three locations, and the minimap combined with Elemental Sight will always lead you to the spheres that you need to destroy. When you are finished, head back to the Ceremonial Site. Lighting will strike the ground and it appears that the Thunderbird is angry. Ruu will not be pleased, but there isn’t much the kid can do about it now. Go to Inazuma and speak with Sumida, and that will be it for Day 3.