Through the Mists Day 2 – Octave of the Maushiro guide in Genshin Impact

Helping Ruu again.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Day 2 of the Through the Mists quest in Genshin Impact is called the Octave of the Maushiro, and will require some more hard work and puzzle-solving from players. Players will once again need to return to Tsurumi Island and contend with the strange mist there.

Before that, a visit to Sumida in Inazuma City is required to start the next portion of the quest properly. Open your quest log, and you will find the quest there under Through the Mists. After speaking with Sumida, players will need to do a small bit of waypoint following on which will eventually bring them to Ruu.

Ruu will give players a Peculiar Pinion that will allow them to see strange things around the islands. Players need to equip the Peculiar Pinion in their gadget slot by opening the Inventory, navigating to the Gadget page, and then equipping it. They will be able to see the prompted gadget button above the ability and sprint buttons on the UI. All around the island, players will find purple statues of birds. Using the Peculiar Pinion near them will reveal special secrets. These can range from ghosts and spirits to hidden puzzles or loot.

After that, players will need to work their way through three different puzzles in three different areas. You can find solutions for all three of them below:

Once that is done, players can make their way back to the Ceremonial Site on the island. A conversation will play out here, after which time players need to make their way back to Sumida in Inazuma City to wrap up Day 2.