The Sims 4 Satisfaction Cheat: How & Why To Use It

Looking to gain Satisfaction Points in The Sims 4? The fastest way to do it is with the Satisfaction Points Cheat! Give it a try!

A Sim with braids in a black tank top and a thoughtful expression. Has a thought bubble that contains the Satisfaction Points rewards menu.

Using cheats is a time-honored tradition for any serious player of The Sims. There are a variety of beloved cheats (“motherlode” anyone?) players have access to that can affect anything from a Sim’s appearance and relationships to their bank account. While many available cheats have made their way through several iterations of the game, it seems there are always new ones to discover. And don’t worry, the developers want you to use them!

The Sims Satisfaction cheat enables you to select the number of satisfaction points you want your sim to have, allowing you to skip over the sometimes arduous task of earning them in-game. This cheat skips straight to the good stuff: those sweet, sweet rewards. Follow the steps below to activate the Sims 4 Satisfaction Cheat.

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Can’t Get No Satisfaction? Try this Sims 4 Satisfaction Cheat!

Display menu showing available aspirations.
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The cheat code is “sims.give_satisfaction_points” followed by a space (this is vital) and the number of points you want to add. To use this cheat, you will have to follow a few simple steps.

  • Press “Control Shift C” to summon the handy dandy cheat box
  • Type in “testingcheats true” or the cheat will not work
  • Type in “sims.give_satisfaction_points” and do not forget the space or, again, it will not work
  • Type “exit” to banish the cheat box
  • Enjoy!

Why Sims 4 Satisfaction Cheat Isn’t Working

The satisfaction points cheat can be finicky, so if it isn’t working for you it’s likely that you’ve missed a small but crucial step. While not all cheats in The Sims 4 need to be prefaced by”testingcheats true,” this one most definitely does. If you skip this step, the cheat will not work.

The second thing you may have overlooked would be the addition of a space between the cheat and the number of points you are trying to add. If you pay attention to details and follow the above steps, your Sims will be racking up satisfaction points in no time!

What Is Satisfaction In The Sims 4

Satisfaction points are a sort of in-game currency that can be used to redeem special rewards for your sims. You can gain powerful potions that can change your Sim’s mood, an item that can turn them into a mermaid if you have the Island Living expansion pack, or give them useful special traits. While the satisfaction points cheat is the fastest way to gain satisfaction points, you can always get them the old-fashioned way. There are four main ways to earn satisfaction points, but they can be time-consuming.

  • Fulfill your Sim’s Wants— this is simple, but Wants are fairly random, and the points awarded are usually low.
  • Complete an Aspiration— this takes the most time, but the payout is good. It can also be done over and over again and adjusted in-game.
  • Complete a Scenario— player beware: not all scenarios award points, so be sure to check first!
  • Live in a Haunted House— if you have the Paranormal Stuff pack, you can move your Sims into a haunted house. The entire household will be rewarded with points for each night they remain there.

Hopefully, this guide has “satisfied” your curiosity. Now get out there and start racking up those points!