The 10 best Poison type Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

They need some love too.

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet released a ton of great new Pokémon and brought back several old fan favorites. Despite this, there’s been a bit of a gap when it comes to the Poison-type Pokémon in the game, and while there are solid choices, it’s easy to the love wasn’t for our more purple-hued Pokémon. Poison-type Pokémon have some great designs, Abilities, and Moves that make them extremely powerful if played correctly. In this list, we’ll give you our 10 best Poison-type Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet that you should consider adding to your team starting from the lower rank and finishing with the best at number one.

10. Salazzle

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Boasting a heavy Sp. Attack of 111, and a very decent Speed of 117, Salazzle is a decent pick. It does have low Attack, Sp. Defense, and Defense which makes it vulnerable. Salazzle’s Ability, Corrosion is a great move to use against other Poison and also Steel-type Pokémon. Its Hidden Ability is Oblivious which can be pretty great too.

9. Toxicroak

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With a higher HP, coming in at a base of 83 and Attack or 106, Toxicroak is made to hit hard, even if it isn’t very fast. It does however lack in the way of Defensive and Sp. Defense ability. Toxicroak can have either Anticipation or Dry Skin as their main Ability, and they can get Poison Touch as a Hidden Ability.

8. Dragalge

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This guy is slow, but tanky when it comes to Sp. Defense, slotting in at a very powerful 123 meaning they can withstand punishment. Dragalge makes up for its lackluster stats by having either Poison Point or Poison Touch as its Ability, and its Hidden Ability is Adapatibilty meaning you’ll be able to deal a ton of damage. Dragalge also has a pretty decent Learn set that stops only at level 66 with the move Outrage.

7. Toxapex

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Boasting the highest Defense at 152 and Sp. Defense of 142, Toxapex has the highest potential survivability on base stats alone. However, it’s the slowest Pokémon on our list, and it does the lowest Sp. Attack. Depending on its Ability, either Merciless or Limber it can boast a decent stat immunity or critical hit chance, and with its Hidden Ability Regenerator it can become a great emergency swap in and out to buy time.

6. Revavroom

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Despite being a Steel and Poison-type engine, Revavroom’s base speed only comes in at 90 with a low 90 and 67 in its Defense and Sp. Defense respectively. It’s got decent enough Attack, with 119 which makes it a great Physical Attacker, but it’s sorely missing its calling as a Poison-type. Revavroom’s Overcoat Ability and Hidden Ability Filter place it lower down the list, along with its Ground and Fire Weaknesses.

5. Muk

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Another of the original Pokémon returning once again, Muk has decent enough stats. While they’re painfully slow, they’re very hard to K.O. with 105 in HP, and 100 in Sp. Defense, and a nice 104 in Attack, make Muk a decent return hitter. Muk can also have either Stench or Sticky Hold as its Ability, which is a nice little add-on, and its Hidden Ability Poison Touch can mess with an opponent.

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4. Toxtricity

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Punkrock personified, Toxtricity looks like it’s done with you, your nonsense, and the whole Pokémon society in general. While it has a 4x Weakness to Ground and no Immunities, as well as middling stats across the board, Toxtricity’s Sp. Attack is high enough to warrant respect, and its speed is also acceptable.

3. Gengar

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Featuring a hybrid Ghost and Poison-type, Gengar is fast, hits pretty darn hard, and is the original sneaky purple Pokémon. This dual-typing pushes it higher up on the list than Revavroom as it also gains an Immunity to Normal and Fighting-type attacks. Gengar’s Cursed Body is a decent enough ability even if it doesn’t seem to have a Hidden Ability 

2. Glimmora

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Glimmora is a new Pokémon introduced with Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Looking like a very, unique flower, it can be either terrifying or cute based on your personal opinion of it. Glimmora’s dual Rock and Poison-type is a bit of a problem as it has a 4x Weakness to Ground moves, but with 81 in Sp. Defense and the ability to hit you hard enough with 130 in Sp. Attack it doesn’t quite matter.

1. Iron Moth

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A Pokémon Violet exclusive, Iron Moth is at the top of this list for several reasons. Their base stats are decent across the board, from HP at 80, to a wickedly high 140 Sp. Attack, 110 Speed, and 110 Sp. Defense. Despite a 4x Weakness to Ground, it’s got a ton of Resistances, and its Quark Drive Ability turns Iron Moth lethal if it’s holding a Booster Energy.