How to increase well-being and unlock the Iron Teeth in Timberborn

Happy river beavers.

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City-building game Timberborn has cutesy beavers as characters. If you’ve just started, then only the Folktails faction is available. However, later on, you should gain access to the Iron Teeth. Here’s our guide to help you increase your community’s well-being so you can unlock the Iron Teeth in Timberborn.

Timberborn guide: How to increase well-being and unlock the Iron Teeth faction

The first thing you’ll want to take note of when you start your Timberborn campaign is the well-being of the Folktails population. You can click on the leaf icon at the upper-left corner of the HUD to see this. Similarly, you’ll notice that each beaver has his or her own well-being stats.

Well-being is comprised of 15 factors like hunger, thirst, social life, fun, spirituality, and more. All beavers in the community are affected by these (knowledge is the only exception since it’s only applicable for adults). To unlock the Iron Teeth faction, you’ll need to reach an average of eight points of well-being as the Folktails.

Hunger, thirst, sleep, and social life

Ideally, you’d want to max out the facets that are easy enough to boost (i.e., hunger, thirst, and sleep). You can manage these if you’re following the tutorial tasks, such as growing crops, collecting water, and, eventually, building some lodges.

For the social life category, you can click on the Leisure tab to build a campfire (which doesn’t require any science points). Five beavers will be able to visit each one. There’s also another structure called the rooftop terrace. It can be placed on top of lodges and other flat, solid surfaces. Unfortunately, it can be a little costly when it comes to materials since it needs to be connected to an elevated path. You’re better off focusing on just Campfires.

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Aesthetics and awe

You can open the Decorations tab to see the objects that affect aesthetics. You might need to unlock these buildings by spending science. These fixtures include roofs (to be placed on top of lodges), shrubs, and the scarecrow. We suggest saving enough until you can unlock the beaver statue (500 science points). This boosts aesthetics within a 3×3-tile area.

As for the objects that affect awe, these are found in the Monuments tab. Unfortunately, they’re extremely expensive in both science points and raw materials.

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Spirituality, leisure, and nutrition

If you have the extra science, you can check the Leisure tab to get the temple (300 science) and the carousel (700 science). The former increases spirituality and the latter boosts fun, though it does require a source of power/energy. As far as we can tell, these are also district-wide, so you don’t need to worry too much because all the beavers in your village will probably make use of these fixtures.

Lastly, nutrition is affected by bread created from your bakery (160 science). Sadly, it can take a while. You’ll need to farm wheat, then refine that via the gristmill (180 science and requires a power source).

Try to choose specific well-being facets that you can increase in Timberborn. Don’t try to increase everything at the same time or it’s going to be tough to try and manage all of them. Pretty soon, you should be able to unlock the Iron Teeth faction, which is predominantly geared towards industrial advancements.

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