How to generate power for your buildings in Timberborn

Get ready to power up.

Image by Mechanistry

As your village grows in Timberborn, you’ll no doubt gain access to buildings via science points. However, many of these high-tech structures require other fixtures that provide power first. Here’s our guide to help you generate power for your buildings in Timberborn.

How to generate power

The structures that can generate power in Timberborn are, naturally, found in the Power tab. Several options here are already unlocked by default:

  • Shafts – These require varying amounts of wood. They connect from a source of power to a building that would make use of that energy. When you click on one, you should find a blue outline showing where these objects are attached. If multiple buildings need to make use of a single source, then you’ll want to craft the intersection and T-intersection shafts.
  • Water wheel (180 power) – This is placed on a river. You’ll then need to connect it to a building on land that needs power by building shafts. This only generates power if there’s running water, meaning you’ll want to make note of the dams and levees that you use. If you completely dam up both ends of a river to prepare for a drought, then it simply won’t work since there’s no current.
  • Power wheel (50 power) – This adorable contraption has a beaver running around on a giant wheel. Because of this, it will always require one of your workers. At the very least, it can be placed next to a building that requires power, and you won’t need a lot of shaft connectors.
Screenshot by Gamepur

Then, there are a few others that can only be unlocked by spending science points. We don’t recommend prioritizing these early in the game unless you’ve got a lot of science points to spare:

  • High power shaft – This allows a shaft to be elevated by way of a platform.
  • Windmill (120 power) and large windmill (300 power) – Only available to the Folktails faction, these are placed on land tiles. They can easily provide the power that you need late in your run.
  • Engine (200 power) – Available to the Iron Teeth faction, this has you using up pieces of wood so they can be burned down and turned into fuel.

So, what exactly are these structures used for? Well, they’re necessary for certain high-end buildings that have the lightning/electricity (i.e., power) icon. Some of these buildings are even necessary if you wish to increase your community’s well-being. Since they have a certain value denoting how much power they require to run, you can expect that you’ll construct several fixtures to help your colony progress and focus on industrial output.

Screenshot by Gamepur