Tips and tricks for beating time trials in Hot Wheels Unleashed

Claim the Unleashed Goal of every time trial.

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One of the toughest challenges in Hot Wheels Unleashed is beating every time trial. On top of that, there’s the challenge of completing the Unleashed Goal of every time trial, which is the faster time listed under the general goal time. So we’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help you master time trials and complete all of them in this guide.

Get the best starting boost

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This might seem obvious, but you need to get the best starting boost if you want to be in with a chance of taking that Unleashed Goal. The way to do this is only to pull the accelerator when the number two is on-screen. Some events have a boost meter at the start. To get the most out of these, hammer the boost button and keep it in the purple to see your car shoot off straight away. This will only appear on time trials that you can’t loop back on.

Hit every booster

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There are two types of booster in time trials, and you need to hit both. The pink boosters will give you a free boost for a short period of time. There are also green arrows that will speed your car up while you drive over them. Try to hit every one of these so that you’re getting the fastest time possible without counting your own boosts.

Learn where to use your own boost

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Some parts of a track simply aren’t good for boosting around. For example, corners with no edges, tight corners, or short stretches with obstacles at the end. You’ll need to practice the track a few times to learn where your boost is best used, but you will find a groove at some point that allows you to make the most of your boost without costing you time through respawning or crashing.

Practice makes perfect

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Most time trials allow you to keep driving around the track until you set a time you’re comfortable with. However, a few don’t loop, meaning you have to restart at the end if you want to retry them. Regardless of the type of track, you won’t reach the Unleashed Goal unless you try repeatedly. The more you practice, the more you’ll learn the track, where to boost, and where to slow down to get your car around it as fast as possible. You’ll also be able to boost before the official start, meaning you can start a new lap at peak speed.

Watch out for obstacles

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This will also come with practice, but you need to learn the obstacles on a track. Many time trials events have spider webs on them, and these can cost you greatly. Learn how best to dodge these, which may be harder since you’re the only car on the track. Avoiding these will save you seconds that you need to reach that Unleashed Goal.

Find the shortcuts

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Shortcuts in time trials are dependent on how much boost you have and the type of car you’re in. You’ll need to be capable of a certain speed, but you may also need one or two boosts to actually reach the track after leaving it. Most shortcuts are sections that you can drop off on the track so that you land at a later point, allowing you to skip a good chunk of it. As you practice, look out for these and keep attempting them. Eventually, you’ll find a good shortcut that will help you hit the Unleashed Goal.