Top 10 jobs we’d love to see in Final Fantasy XIV

Adding jobs is never final.

Image via Square Enix

One of the most exciting aspects of Final Fantasy XIV is trying to guess what jobs that Square Enix will add to the game in future expansions. Since the release of A Realm Reborn, the team has consistently added at least two new jobs per expansion. Most of these jobs have been seen in the Final Fantasy universe before, and have kept their signature spirit while being reimagined to fill a niche in the MMO setting.

There are still many popular jobs not in the game yet. Here are the most unique and highly requested jobs we would like to see in the future.

What new jobs could work in Final Fantasy XIV?

1. Geomancer – Magical DPS

Geomancer has been one of the most popular requests by fans for years now. The job has appeared in many different Final Fantasy titles, and even has well-established lore in the world of Final Fantasy XIV already. The Astrologian job quests dive into the Geomancers of Doma, the far-eastern nation introduced in Stormblood.

Geomancers fill more of a support role in Final Fantasy XI, but they have also functioned as casters in the past. The job would definitely use a bell as their weapon, and their role could be based around debuffing enemies with different terrain-based attacks.

The job would basically be a more offensive version of the Astrologian. It would be nice to see them place luopans around the battlefield to harm enemies and buff allies while changing the terrain beneath them to unleash devastating elemental magic.

Image via Square Enix

2. Corsair – Physical Ranged DPS

Corsair is another highly requested job seen in Square Enix’s previous MMO Final Fantasy XI. It is another job that is already established in Final Fantasy XIV lore through the pirates of Limsa Lominsa.

The job shares similarities to a gambler, utilizing dice rolls to determine attacks and relying slightly on RNG. It would likely use either a pair of pistols, or a pistol and cutlass combination.

Too much RNG is not possible in a game where jobs need to be balanced, and so the flavor of the Corsair in Final Fantasy XIV would probably function around using dice rolls to determine the order of their rotation while also granting buffs to allies or debuffs to enemies. The job would also likely have a buff to grant increased experience to the party while leveling.

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3. Rune Fencer – Tank

Rune Fencer is one of the last jobs introduced in Final Fantasy XI, and it continues to fill a unique tanking niche in that game. It would be the first tank in Final Fantasy XIV that inflicts mostly elemental damage on its foes through utilizing effusions to add elemental damage to its weapon attacks.

The job would also have various wards to reduce different types of damage while excelling at negating magical damage specifically. Its weapon would be harder to guess as swords and rapiers are already used by other jobs. A new yet flavorful option would be to give the Rune Fencer a lance and shield combination.

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4. Green Mage – Magical DPS

Green magic in the Final Fantasy universe is mostly utilized to debuff enemies or protect allies. Having a magical DPS that focuses on dots and debuffs is a niche left open with the recent rework to Summoner in Endwalker. Green Mages have been seen in Final Fantasy Tactics A2.

The job could use a hammer staff and primarily apply dots to the enemy to strengthen their other abilities. Examples of this would be having an oil dot that increases the damage that the boss takes from fire attacks.

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5. Beastmaster – Physical Ranged DPS

Beastmaster is a well established job across many different Final Fantasy titles. While Square Enix has shied away from pet jobs lately, Beastmaster could be reimagined in a similar manner to Summoner. The job would likely be a ranged physical DPS that commands attacks revolving around different popular creatures of Eorzea.

Beastmasters would use a whip as their weapon. In keeping with the flavor of the job, they could be allowed to tame a beast in the open-world to function as their version of the Summoner’s Carbuncle for their different attack commands, perhaps utilizing physical dots in the form of bleeds on enemies to more separate its niche from the Summoner job.

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6. Puppetmaster – Tank

Puppetmaster is able to fill a variety of roles in Final Fantasy XI based on how the player customizes their automaton. Automaton puppets already exist in Final Fantasy XIV, and it would be an extremely interesting tank that would be completely different from other tanks in the game.

The job could use a doll as its weapon, and its tanking skills would be based around having an automaton companion nearby that can both shield the Puppetmaster and redirect damage to itself through the job’s weapon skills and abilities. The Puppetmaster could weave health back and forth between the two of them and also sacrifice the Automaton to bolster survivability in a pinch.

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7. Squire – Melee DPS

Squire is a more obscure job that has appeared in Final Fantasy Tactics, but could fill a pretty interesting niche in Final Fantasy XIV. The job in previous iterations was primarily focused on enhancing the party on the field.

The Squire job would be the melee equivalent of the existing Dancer physical ranged DPS. It would trade some personal damage to greatly enhance allies and provide important utility in a fight. Its weapon would be a flail in combination with a shield. Example abilities could be increasing party damage and speed while having the ability to majorly heal a single target in a pinch and cleanse them of debuffs.

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8. Soldier – Melee DPS

One of the most well-known characters in any Final Fantasy is Cloud Strife, and he is the perfect example of the Soldier job. This role would be a powerhouse melee DPS, essentially fulfilling the flavor of the Warrior job but focusing on DPS instead of tanking.

The Soldier job would use a buster sword and have attacks that crush enemy armor to weaken them for further damage from physical attacks. It would also be able to lower enemy stats in a pinch through different rend abilities.

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9. Illusionist – Shield Healer

Illusionist is a pretty obscure job that made an appearance in Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced. While it functioned mostly as a caster, it would be fun to see it reimagined as a shield healer in Final Fantasy XIV.

The job’s aesthetics easily fit with the shield healer role. It would essentially place illusions in front of allies, acting as shields to absorb hits from enemies and confusing targets into doing less damage for a period of time. The job’s weapon could be a top hat that the character pulls different tricks from in order to fuel its abilities.

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10. Oracle – Regen Healer

Oracle is another job that has appeared infrequently in Final Fantasy. It was introduced in Final Fantasy 5, and its attacks essentially revolve around activation delays. Astrologian fits this niche already, and so the Oracle would likely have to differentiate itself a bit to be added as another regen healer.

The job could utilize a seeing orb as its weapon, and instead of healing damage after a period of time, it could have many abilities that function like a Scholar’s excogitation. This means that it would place wards on allies that provide healing at certain thresholds. It could also provide wards that apply regen on targets who are struck in combat, essentially giving healing proactively as needed instead of reacting to damage. Its DOT could also do a small amount of damage upfront and explode after a few ticks for more damage to keep its delayed attack flavor.

Image via Square Enix