best shiny pokemon to catch in october in pokemon go
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Top 5 Pokemon Go Shinies To Catch During October

There are hundreds of shinies to catch in Pokemon Go, but October is special, so it's time to get hunting for spooky shinies instead.

Pokemon as a series has developed shinies over several generations of games and years of growth the franchise has experienced. Shiny hunting has even become a career that’s built the foundations of many content creators’ careers.

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Pokemon Go is no exception to shinies, in fact, it can become a player’s entire focus. Shinies appear in Gyms, hatch from Eggs, and can be caught in the wild. When October rolls around, the game takes on a spookier vibe, and the types of shinies on offer warrant a change in tact.

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What are the Top 5 Shinies to Catch During October in Pokemon Go

October 2023 is absolutely packed with Halloween-themed adventures for players to go on in Pokemon Go. Many new shinies have been added to the game while more are being featured or are simply more common. We’ve listed the five shinies we think are the ones worth catching in October in no particular order below. These shinies are ones that we’re impressed with and believe every player should strive to have.

1) Shiny Aloan Meowth

aloan meowth in pokemon go
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Aloan Meowth may be the best-looking version of Meowth we’ve ever seen. It’s got so much more attitude than the standard version, and looks like it could take anyone in a fight without breaking a sweat. The shiny version is a beautiful deep indigo blue that’s to die for. A truly relaxing and powerful-looking Pokemon for the roster. Aloan Meowth will appear more frequently in October 2023, so it’s the perfect time to hunt the shiny version.

2) Shiny Spiritomb

shiny spiritomb pokemon go game
Image via Pokemon Go Wiki

Spiritomb is one of the creepiest Pokemon ever conceived. Instead of the majority of it being pink, it’s blue. This Pokemon blends into the night and actively waits to scare players as they walk past. It’s utterly terrifying and strangely beautiful, and we feel like we need it in our roster so everyone else should have it too.

During October 2023’s Pokemon Go Halloween Part 1 event, Spiritomb encounters can be earned by completing Timed Research tasks, so there’s an opportunity for everyone to get one of these at some point during the month.

3) Shiny Guzzlord

shiny guzzlord pokemon go
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Guzzlord is no normal Pokemon. It’s the king of Halloween. This thing is massive and extremely imposing. We’re not afraid to admit that it genuinely scares us sometimes when we come to battle it. The shiny version is part of Five-Star Raids until October 20, 2023. Having the bright white shiny version in a collection would be the pinnacle of any shiny hunter’s career.

4) Shiny Mega Gengar

shiny mega gengar pomemon go
Image via Shiny Rating

The only thing more frightening than Gengar is Mega Gengar, and a shiny Mega Gengar is like Great White Shark. It looks lethal and angry, so players should stay away from it. However, it’s only available until October 20, 2023 in Mega Raids, so we want players to push past the feat and catch the great white mega beast before it disappears again.

5) Shiny Mega Banette

shiny mega banette pokemon go
Image via Pokemon Go Hub

Shiny Mega Banette is the stuff of nightmares. It’s got three mouths accentuated in bright pink, and the rest of it is a beautifully alluring teal. It looks like a tropical creature that has been sewn together from the bodies of dead Pokemon and wants to eat everything it sees alive. It’s available in Mega Raids throughout October 2023, so players should make the most of the time they have and find that shiny.

Unfortunately, there’s no shiny Greavard for players to catch in October 2023 at the time of writing. However, if one is released in a future update, or is included in the game by 2024, it’s going to shoot straight to the top of this list.

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