Tower of Fantasy how to unlock Spacerift: Quicksand Lair in Vera

Let’s dig some sand and jump in.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Tower of Fantasy offers huge maps, and to navigate them easily, you have fast travel points called Spacerifts. They are usually easy to find, and you interact with them to unlock new fast-travel points. Some are not so easy to reach, especially on the Vera map. One such fast-travel point is Spacerift: Quicksand Lair, which many players struggle to reach, as you need to do a few things to unlock it. Here is how to unlock Spacerift: Quicksand Lair in Vera in Tower of Fantasy.

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Spacerift: Quicksand Lair location

Screenshot by Gamepur

The location for this Spacerift is just a bit ahead of the southern edge of the map in the Quicksand Belt area. To pinpoint the location on the map, just look southeast from the Quicksand Belt’s map data. When you reach the location for the Spacerift: Quicksand Lair in Vera, you will not see it; instead, there will be a massive quicksand, which kills you if you step inside.

How to unlock Spacerift: Quicksand Lair in Vera

At first, it might look daunting, but you need to get underneath the quicksand to reach Spacerift: Quicksand Lair. You can do that by using your glider and flying to the small piece of land with a pod in the quicksand. When you stand there, look for some ripples in the sand. Use your glider to fly in the middle of these ripples when you find them. Make sure not to touch the ground, as it will kill you.

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If you have low endurance, you can try jumping when flying to get an aerial boost and use dodges to reach the center of the ripple. You can stand in the middle of the ripples without worrying about getting killed. After some time standing on them, they will take you underneath the quicksand. Lastly, use your glider and go to the Spacerift: Quicksand Lair and unlock it.