Tower of Fantasy PDC2 password and location

Crack the Deconstruction Device to get the golden nucleus.

Image via Hotta Studio

Tower of Fantasy houses many secret locations and puzzles that require a lot of work to solve them. One such mysterious but rewarding type of puzzle is the Deconstruction Devices that are found throughout the world of Tower of Fantasy. There are three of these Deconstruction Devices, and finding them rewards you with a Golden Nucleus. To open these devices, you need to find their location and password, which takes some time, but it’s worth it for the Golden Nucleus. Below, we’ll help you reach the Deconstruction Device PDC2 location and tell you its password.

Deconstruction Device PDC2 location

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can find Deconstruction Device PDC2 at The Lumina, Crown Mines. It’s a massive ship on the east side of the map. To reach the PDC2 Deconstruction Device, you must climb on top of the ship’s back. To reach the top, you can fly and then climb the walls.

Screenshot by Gamepur

It’s on the very top floor of the ship and directly in front of the red metal structure. Once you are there, you will spot the Deconstruction Device PDC2. It has a diamond shape with an orange glow on its top and a reddish-orange bottom. See the above screenshot for a visual cue.

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Deconstruction Device PDC2 password

After finding the Deconstruction Device PDC2, it will ask for a password. Finding the password is difficult since you need to find Abandoned Servers that are scattered throughout the ship. If you don’t plan to grind for those servers and get the reward directly, here is the password to open Deconstruction Device PDC2 in Tower of Fantasy:

  • 7268

To enter the password, interact with the device, and tap on the right buttons in the panel. Once you enter the right password, the device will open, and you will be able to claim the Golden Nucleus. You can use the Golden Nucleus to purchase special orders to pull random characters.