Tower of Fantasy PDC1 password and location

Get the golden nucleus.

Image via Hotta Studios

Tower of Fantasy features a great open world filled with many fun and challenging activities for the players. One such activity is finding the Deconstruction Devices and their passwords. Opening these devices will reward you with a golden nucleus, so finding them is worth the grind. There are three of these devices scattered across the world of Tower of Fantasy. Below, we’ll go over the Deconstruction Device PDC1 location and password to help you open it.

Deconstruction Device PDC1 location

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can find the Deconstruction Device PDC1 in Minners’ Camp, Crown Mines. Once you are at the location on the map, look for the long, broken tower. The Deconstruction Device is on top of that tower. To climb the tower, you should first climb to the nearby hills and then glide your way over.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After climbing to the top, you can find Deconstruction Device PDC1 on a circular platform just beneath the tip. The device has a diamond shape, and its top glows orange. When you see the device, it’s hard to miss it. If you need a visual cue, check out the image above.

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Deconstruction Device PDC1 password

Once you find the Deconstruction Device PDC1 and interact with it, it will require a password to open. Finding the password is extremely difficult as you will have to try different combinations to see which one works. To save you the trouble, here is the password for Deconstruction Device PDC1 in Tower of Fantasy:

  • 4753

You must interact with the device and tap on the right buttons to enter the password. Once you do that, the Deconstruction Device PDC1 will open, and you can claim the gold nucleus inside. The gold nucleus is extremely useful as it lets you purchase special orders to pull characters like King.