Tower of Fantasy Thorned Rose event prize pool – Halloween costumes, dates, and more

Gacha mechanics are the still spooky.

Image via Hotta Studio

Tower of Fantasy’s most recent update added the desert land of Vera, but that’s not the only new content coming to the free-to-play open-world game. October is that special spooky time of the year, and the game is celebrating Halloween with a special event named Thorned Rose. Just like with past events, this new one brings a bunch of new prizes for players to earn, but only for a limited time. Here’s everything you need to know about Thorned Rose.

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What kinds of prizes are in the Thorned Rose event pool?

There are 11 total items up for grabs in the Thorned Rose prize pool, ranging from crafting materials to special spooky cosmetics. As announced through the game’s Twitter account, players can win Gold Nuclei, Red Nuclei, Proofs of Purchase, Special Vouchers, the Pumpkin Enchantment avatar, the Night of Fun avatar frame, the Candy Feast chat bubble, the Halloween Mi-a outfit, the Rosy Letter hat, and male and female Rosy Banquet costumes. Note that “only some hairstyles can wear the hat.” Still, that’s a pretty sizable prize pool.

How to get prizes during the Thorned Rose event

As with other special events, Thorned Rose will grant its prizes through gacha mechanics. In this case, you’ll need Rosy Gachapon Coins to take a spin. They can be purchased with Dark Crystals, and you can get those by completing in-game tasks or cracking open your wallet.

Dates and times for the Thorned Rose event prize pool

Tower of Fantasy’s Thorned Rose event will run from Wednesday, October 26 at 11 PM ET / 8 PM PT through Wednesday, November 2 at 11 PM ET / 8 PM PT. That gives players a full week, with some time before and after Halloween proper, to earn Rosy Gachapon coins and go after the prizes.