How to get Matrix Data Packs in Tower of Fantasy

Pack a cooler full of Matrix Data Packs.

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Matrix Data Packs are an essential item in Tower of Fantasy. Matrix Data Packs are just one of several unique items specifically used to empower your character and weapon arsenal. Tower of Fantasy is a dense game and doesn’t shy away from throwing countless items and resources in your inventory. This can make it tough to determine how to earn specific items. This guide will explain how to get Matrix Data Packs in Tower of Fantasy.

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Where to get Matrix Data Packs in Tower of Fantasy

The open world in Tower of Fantasy is home to a bevy of riches if you know where to look. Many of the activities you can complete, and chests you can find will provide a steady supply of resources. Matrix Data Packs are one of the most valuable resources in the game, as they are used to upgrade Matrices.

Matrices are weapon augments that can boost a weapon’s power and passive skills far beyond their normal limits. Matrix Data Packs come in multiple rarity levels, but they are found the same way.

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These different sources will grant you a steady supply of Matrix Data Packs.

  • Bounty Missions – Daily missions that grant Matrix Packs as a reward.
  • Password Chests – Using a Perfect Decipher will have a better chance of giving you Matrix Data Packs.
  • Dimensional Trials – A multiplayer challenge room that can drop Matrix Data Packs upon completion.
  • Mia’s Kitchen – Matrix Data Packs are rewarded after you eat one of Mia’s free meals.
  • Omnium Beacon – They drop as a reward for using these beacons.
  • Points Store – Can be purchased with store points.

Keep a close eye out for these different activities and hidden chests in the open world. If you’re diligent, you can amass many Matrix Data Packs in no time. Use these to augment your Matrices and make your stay in Tower of Fantasy a pleasant one.