Tracing the Stars 1 Quest Guide – Destiny 2

Earn the favor of the real Queen.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Mara Sov is back in Destiny 2, and she was a job for you in the form of the Tracing the Stars quest. After you have finished the initial search for Osiris, purchased the Season Pass, and have complete a few steps from the Wayfinder’s Voyage quest, you can visit Mara Sov in the Dreaming City and get this quest from her for the first stage of the quest, which is just to find the queen.

It looks like this will be a mission that unfolds with a new version each week, so keep that in mind as you play through it.

Stage 2

She will first send you to find five Atlas Skews that are located in different places in the Dreaming City. You can find all five locations in the linked guide or the embedded video above.

Stage 3

After that, you need to return to the H.E.L.M and select the Hollow Coronation mission. Then connect the recovered Atlas Skews to an Atlas Terminal. Fort that stage, just click on the icon shown above, walk through the portal and interact with the Terminal, then you can head back to the H.E.L.M, although lore fans should listen to the Crows travel log.