Trade Route Outpost Inventories in Sea of Thieves – Week of July 25, 2021

What are the hot commodities this week?

Sea of Thieves Trade Routes Commodity Crates

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Every week, supply and demand for commodities will change in Sea of Thieves as you navigate through Trade Routes. Raise your Emissary Flag for the Merchant Alliance, purchase Commodity Crates, and sell them where they will make the most profit. Buy low and sell high by paying attention to which commodities are in surplus in one Outpost and where they’re sought-after.

Outpost Inventories (Week of July 25, 2021)

Here is what is in surplus and sought for this week in Sea of Thieves. You can confirm this by checking the Outpost Inventory next to the Merchant Alliance vendor at any Outpost.

Sea of Thieves The Shores of Plenty
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  • The Shores of Plenty
    • Sanctuary Outpost
      • Sought-after – Raw Sugar
      • Surplus – Ungraded Tea
    • Golden Sands Outpost
      • Sought-after – Unsorted Silks
      • Surplus – Unrefined Spices
Sea of Thieves The Ancient Isles
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  • The Ancient Isles
    • Plunder Outpost
      • Sought-after – Unclassified Gemstones
      • Surplus – Broken Stone
    • Ancient Spire Outpost
      • Sought-after – Unrefined Spices
      • Surplus – Unsorted Silks
Sea of Thieves The Wilds
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  • The Wilds
    • Dagger Tooth Outpost
      • Sought-after – Ungraded Tea
      • Surplus – Raw Sugar
    • Galleon’s Grave Outpost
      • Sought-after – Broken Stone
      • Surplus – Unfiltered Minerals
Sea of Thieves The Devil's Roar
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  • The Devil’s Roar
    • Morrow’s Peak Outpost
      • Sought-after – Unfiltered Minerals
      • Surplus – Unclassified Gemstones

Outpost Inventory listed by Commodity

Sea of Thieves Trade Routes Commodity Crates
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If you would rather take in this information by Commodity rather than location, the supply and demand is listed below in that form.

  • Assorted Gemstones
    • Sought-after at Plunder Outpost Outpost
    • Surplus at Morrow’s Peak Outpost
  • Unfiltered Minerals
    • Sought-after at Morrow’s Peak Outpost
    • Surplus at Galleon’s Grave Outpost
  • Unrefined Spices
    • Sought-after at Ancient Spire Outpost
    • Surplus at Golden Sands Outpost
  • Unsorted Silks
    • Sought-after at Golden Sands Outpost
    • Surplus at Ancient Spire Outpost
  • Broken Stone
    • Sought-after at Galleon’s Grave Outpost
    • Surplus at Plunder Outpost
  • Unprocessed Tea
    • Sought after at Dagger Tooth Outpost
    • Surplus at Sanctuary Outpost
  • Raw Sugar
    • Sought after at Sanctuary Outpost
    • Surplus at Dagger Tooth Outpost