Trask Industries Transport Truck location in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

A bad omen.

Trask Transport Truck

Yet another Marvel-related landmark has popped into existence in Fortnite. This time, you can find a Trask Transport Truck on the map. As seems to be the case for all these landmarks, the truck rests upon a massive mound of earth that has been cut out of the Marvel universe and dropped straight onto the map of the island.

You can find the Trask Transport Truck to the northeast of Coral Castle and the southeast of Lockie Lighthouse. The large purple truck has been disconnected from the trailer, and can actually be driven around like any other vehicle. We smashed open the trailer, but nothing was hidden in it, sadly.

Trask Industries might be a slightly obscure reference for some Fortnite players out there, but it is a company run by Bolivar Trask in the X-Men universe. They specialize in producing mutant-hunting technology and weapons, and Trask is the mind behind the massive Sentinel robots that can be found scattered throughout the Sentinel Graveyard near Lazy Lake.

We still have no idea how these new landmarks are showing up in the game, although some players have theorized that the golden glow outlining each one implies that it may be Doctor Strange who is transporting them using his teleportation spells. Regardless of how they arriving, it is happening at quite the pace, so it seems we will have plenty more Marvel-related landmarks to explore before the end of the season. We are not even in Week 2 yet, and we have already had three of them arrive, after all.