Trick To Stop Bot Teammates From Ganking Your Opponent – For Honor

For Honor is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. There isn’t any Day One review because the review copies won’t be available to the media outlets until 14 February 2017. Here is our very first guide on For Honor, it’s a very neat feature related to the bot teammates.

For Honor Pro Tip

In For Honor, you as a player can stop Bot teammates from ganking your opponent. To do this all you have to do is “I got this!” from the quick messages menu. What this will do is that your bot teammates re-engage if you remain unlocked from your target for a couple of seconds.

In addition to this, your bot teammates will respond to most of the quick messages. For example: if you call for help, your bot teammates will come and assist you. If you make out an objective, they’ll go to attack and defend it.

For those still unaware of how to send quick chat messages: all you have to do is Hold left bumper to bring up quick chat menu. use “LB then RB+B” on Xbox One, “L1 then R1+O” on PlayStation 4, to access that message. Hold L1 for quick chat, then also hold R1 for party quick chat.