Trinkets in Sea of Thieves explained – Where to buy and place Trinkets

Doodads and whatnots.

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There are tons of features, objectives, and cosmetics available in Sea of Thieves, especially as a Captain, and you’ll be spending hours and hours sailing across the waves to earn them all. Trinkets are one such cosmetic, little doodads you can place around your ship to give it a personal flair separate from every other vessel in the game. Here’s how to get Trinkets in Sea of Thieves and place them on your ship.

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Ship Trinkets and where to place them in Sea of Thieves

You purchase Trinkets from the Shipwright, but you don’t have access to all of them right away. Like Titles, you have to complete various Milestone Class levels to unlock the ability to buy specific Trinkets. Your Ship’s Log lists all the Pirate Milestones you’ll need to complete to earn the right to purchase most Trinkets.

Trinket objectives come in two forms: Trophies, which require Milestone Completion, and Ornaments, which are much more limited in number but can be bought at any time for Gold.

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There are Trinkets for each Milestone category, and earning the various Trophies can be quite the grind. Acquiring the Admired ‘The Serpent’s Flame’, an Ill-Fated Trophy, requires you to reach class 10 in the ‘Minutes on Fire’ Pirate Milestone. Earning the final version, the Cherished ‘The Serpent’s Flame’ asks you to reach class 100 in ‘Minutes on Fire.’ To give you an idea of how much time you’ll be spending on any of these Milestones, it takes 60 minutes of being on fire to reach Class 1.

Once you have a Trinket of either type, you can place them around your ship.

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Each ship type has over a dozen locations to place Trinkets:

  • Sloop: 19 Trinket slots. 7 on the walls, 11 on the shelves, desks, crates, and other flat surfaces, and 1 on the floor.
  • Brig: 33 Trinket slots. 14 on the walls, 15 on the shelves, desks, crates, and other flat surfaces, and 4 on the floor.
  • Galleon: 46 Trinket slots. 14 on the walls, 21 on the shelves, desks, crates, and other flat surfaces, and 11 on the floor.

If there’s an open spot somewhere on your ship, odds are you can place a trinket there. Approach any such location, and if a Trinket can be set, a prompt will appear that opens your Trinket menu, allowing you to choose which to place.