How to earn Milestones in Sea of Thieves – All Milestone Alignments

Track your play style in the long-term.

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With Captaincy comes a new form of progress in Sea of Thieves called Milestones. These are permanent trackers for essentially every activity you do in-game for both you as an individual player and any ships that you may captain. By increasing your Class for each Milestone, you can earn the ability to buy Trinkets from Shipwrights. Additionally, Milestones are grouped into Alignments as a reflection on your playstyle. Here’s how Milestones and Alignments work in Sea of Thieves.

How Milestone progress works in Sea of Thieves

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You can find all of your Milestone progress in the main menu under Ship’s Log. Your Milestones will be divided into Pirate Milestones and Ship Milestones. The former type progresses through activities done while in a Captained crew, and the latter progresses through what you and your crew does on your ship. In other words, you as an individual player and each ship that you own have their own progression track.

By making progress on an individual Milestone, you will raise its Class, which will increase indefinitely and give you access to specific Trinkets in the Shipwright’s Shop on any Outpost. You can also pin individual Milestones in your Ship’s Log to track for yourself; additionally, you can display progress on three of your Milestones on the Captain’s Logbook on the ship.

All Milestone Alignments in Sea of Thieves, explained

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As of Season 8, there are nine Alignments in Sea of Thieves, with an additional one for individual Pirate Milestones. You can actively attempt to raise your Classes to earn the Trinkets you want, or you can passively raise them with your usual gameplay and see which Milestones and Alignments you level up the most according to your playstyle.

The Gold Seeker

This Alignment is entirely centered around selling treasure and loot; Milestones keep track of which Companies you sell loot too, how much Gold you earn, and how many treasures sold in total.

The Voyager

Focusing on general adventures, The Voyager tracks how many miles sailed, days at sea, islands visited, and voyages and quests completed.

The Emissary

If you are heavy into playing as an Emissary in Sea of Thieves, this Alignment is all about Gold earned while sailing as an Emissary for any of the five main Companies.

The Hunter

Devotees to fishing and cooking will enjoy Milestones for The Hunter; get your bait ready.

The Feared

PvE combat is the center of The Feared, with Milestones all about vanquishing different enemy mobs, shooting cannonballs, and conquering forts.

The Rogue

Some people play Sea of Thieves for silly nonsense, so The Rogue focuses on playing shanties, drinking grog, and even just sleeping or sitting down.

The Ill-Fated

Prepare to be in stressful situations while sailing the Sea of Thieves — this alignment is about dying, sailing through storms, catching on fire, and sinking.

The Guardian

This PvP-focused track is all about fighting as a Guardian of Fortune. Defeat those fighting for Flameheart to work on Milestones.

The Servant

As a Servant of the Flame, aim to fight and sink players representing the Pirate Lord.

The Captain

Individual players have Milestones simply for buying and captaining their own ships.