Valorant Season 3 progression changes explained – Squad Boost, Event Pass, account leveling

Party up.

Valorant LTM Limited time modes

Image via Riot Games

With the launch of Season 3, Valorant is adding some minor improvements to its progression. As the game grows, it gradually introduces the standard progression systems found in all live service games, and this season it will treat players to three such systems.

Squad Boost

Players in premade squads will earn bonus XP when playing any Valorant game mode. Grouping up with just one friend grants 8% bonus XP, grouping up with two grants 12%, three grants 16%, and a full five-stack gets 20%. The Squad Boost bonus will be in effect for the duration of Season 3, and we expect it to become a permanent feature of Valorant going forward.

Event Pass

Since every game dubs its rewards track either a Battle Pass, a Season Pass, or a something-else-Pass, Valorant players may be naturally confused by the addition of an Event Pass, considering the game already has a regular Battle Pass. The Event Pass is a separate progression track that will only be available for a limited time. It contains a number of cosmetic rewards, and it is entirely free. However, players only have until the second patch of Season 3 to finish the Event Pass, as it will no longer be available after that.

Account levelling

In Season 3, Valorant is also adding Account leveling to its progression. This feature adds a minor cosmetic distinction to Player Cards. Your Account level will increase as you play (and win) matches in any Valorant game mode. Your level will be shown on your Player Card, and the Card’s border will also change at higher levels. Current Valorant players will start at an Account level based on the number of matches they have already played.