What is in the free Valorant YR1 Event Pass?

All good things.

Image by Riot Games

With the first birthday celebrations under way, the Valorant devs have decided one of the best way to reward players for their dedication and love of the game over the last year is with some presents. This comes in the form fo the free YR1 Event Pass that will go live in the game on June 22.

This free pass includes exclusive content related to VALORANT’s 1st birthday celebration, such as:

  • Year One Gun Buddy
  • Year One Card
  • EP 3 // Reflection Card
  • YR1 and Year One Titles
  • 20 Radianite Points

The developers had some fun with their designs for the Event Pass content, focusing on some fun birthday-themed ideas. “We were inspired by how much players love some of the exclusive Closed Beta content,” said Preeti Khanolkar, Senior Producer on Valorant. The Event Pass features a Year One Card with Jett backing a cake, and a third episode card featuring KAY/O and other Agents.

The Event Pass also includes free Radianite Points because the final free tier in the Episode 3 Act 1 Battlepass is the Jigsaw Ghost. Each Variant for the Jigsaw Ghost has a different Agent, and Riot wanted players to be able to choose their favorite between Yoru, Skye, Astra, and Killjoy.