Tips To Kill Vicar Amelia Boss – Bloodborne Walkthrough Part 4


After fighting with Father Gascoigne in Bloodborne Part 3 Walkthrough in this part, you will be heading to fight Vicar Amelia, the next boss. But before that revisit the girl that gave you the music box. Now you will have two choices, first either Give Red Jeweled Brooch or not. It is best not to give so that you can use it later for fortify weapons. Through insights try upgrading your character levels each time you are visiting Hunter’s Dream. Talk to the Doll and by paying some cost you can get more strength this will help you later. Now if you want a Flamesprayer to go Central Yharham and talk to Gilbert, the first window on your right after crossing the lantern. He will give you the item. Instead of using Oil, the weapon uses Quick silver bullets.

Vicar Amelia Boss Walkthrough

Cathedral Ward

With the key obtained after defeating the last boss, you will be heading to a new section of the game. Return to the place where you killed with Father Gascoigne last time. Take the stairs on right and go up, open the huge gate on your right. Go up and pass the tunnel on your right, take stairs and go up. You will reach a room with the chest on the left of stairs to exit. This chest will give you Blood Gem Workshop Tool, that you can use to fortify weapons by kneading blood games into them. So now through Hunters Dream, you can use the Red Blood Game that you got from the brooch. Go up near the door and there will be a cut scene. You are in Cathedral Ward. An NPC on the right end can give you a rune if you kill him. Light the first lantern. The game difficulty level rises a bit once you are in a new area. Guards outside will drop Quick Silver bullets and Blood Vial.

You can visit Hunter’s Dream and the old man will tell you about Holy Chalice. Go to the weapons section and use the Red Blood Gem on your current right-hand weapon like a Hunter Axe you will get +13 on the attack. If you have enough insights and Blood Echoes visit the Doll and upgrade your level a bit. You must be able to reach Level 21 at-least for the next level. Return back to the Cathedral Ward you will see three passages. One is on the left side, second in front and another one a closed date on the right. If you go from the north gate, there will be a guard outside. You can kill a few guards and return back to the main hall. The first passage on left is the one where you have to go.

Vicar Amelia Boss Walkthrough

Outside you will find one guard, kill him. If you spot glowing items don’t go for them instantly. If you pick it a giant creature will grab, see the creature you will need around 30 insight. If you want to pick something, gather it and run away. If you are caught by the creature your health will fall to 1HP. So whenever you gather any item be extra careful and always escape that place don’t stand near it. One of the locations is on the right side near a tree. Refer the image above. Now there are two paths one is on the right end and other a stairs down on the left.

Vicar Amelia Boss WalkthroughVicar Amelia Boss Walkthrough

If you plan to go right you can get a few items but you will have to fight your way out. The first one you will face is a giant enemy with a bell in his neck. If you are low on the level then avoid fighting it and you can plan to return it back later. But if you want to try staying behind his legs and attack. His attacks are very powerful and have a good range. One good thing is that it is slow so you can dodge, go behind and attack him. After killing him go left, if you take the stairs up you will reach a locked gate. For unlocking it you will have to get a Special Emblem that you can purchase from a merchant. On the left you will face a few giant enemies, killing them will give you Blood Shards. At first, there are two big guys, don’t ambush. Distract one by pebble and kill him. Distract another one as he is near to crows if you sneak from the back you will lose health. So lure him a bit away and kill then take down the crows.

Further right you will fight with another giant enemy with a huge iron ball weapon. Kill him also give you Blood Shards. You just have to dodge the combo attack of this enemy where it rolls the iron ball and attack you. So stay a bit far. After performing the combo it will slow down that’s the time you will have to hit him. Once he dies you can find a chest at the extreme end, go right and take stairs down. Cross the pots and you will see the chest on the right that will give you a Tempering Blood Gemstone.

Vicar Amelia Boss WalkthroughVicar Amelia Boss Walkthrough

After getting some upgrade stones, get back to the Cathedral, and take the path on the left side. Keep going left and you will reach church with guards and dogs around. Use pebbles first take out the dogs, and then the guards. As you enter from in main entrance at the end there is an item, but also there is an enemy on the left side. If you try to grab it you will be attacked. So be careful, the item you will get inside is Madman’s Knowledge. Next go outside and turn right, and wait there for a while. There is a guard with gun ahead and dogs. Go slowly ahead and when you see the dogs run back and kill them first. Next, you have to dodge the guard’s bullets and kill him. Go right and there is a doo, open it and you will be on the upper level of the church. On your right, you will get a lever. On the left end of a lever, there is another item Madman’s Knowledge. Pull the lever and the stone in the center will move.

Before going there you can meet another character Alfred who will give you Fire paper. To meet him turn around and take a right turn from the circle. In the end, you can see him sitting and praying. Accept to co-operate with him and you will get the item. Next, take the stairs revealed as the stone moved, and you can get a Tempering Blood Gemstone below. You can explore more and find a lantern at the end that will help you to go to Hunter’s Dream. Or else you can go out.

To get Hunter Chief Emblem you will need around 10,000 Blood Echoes, you can farm them by killing the beast around and later get to Hunter’s Dream and head to the Bath Messenger on the left side of Doll. Buy the emblem and return to Cathedral Ward. Now get to the locked gate that requires emblem where you faced a giant you can now unlock it. On the left, there is another Church Giant with a flamethrower you can quickly pass from behind. At the corner of a tree, you can find Thick Coldblood, you have to run all the way to end of the walkway and continue to the alley to find a Church Servant near a corpse. You can find Poison Knife there. You have to then go to the next alley. You will find two NPC here, just remember the location you might require this later. Go down to the alley where you can spot a Huntsman with the sickle, fight with him and ahead you will find another one. Ahead you will fight with a Rifleman and Large Huntsman. After dealing with them more will head your way. Later you will have to locate a ladder that will take you on the tower above. You can find Quicksilver Bullets there, next you can go down and pull a lever on the left of a large gate that will give you access to the area with Church Giants. Ignoring the main staircase, you have to go opposite where you will come across two more Church Giants, and open the next gate. This will lead you to Oedon Chapel.

You have to exit from the back of Oedon Chapel, on the left you will see Eileen the Crow who will warn you about the Tomb of Oedon. But if you want some loot then you can go inside. Next, you will have to find Eileen the crow who is fighting Henryk, it is your choice to save her or not. If you choose to stay back then you will earn Crow Hunter Badge. But if you pick to save then your quest for getting Hunter Oath from Hunter of Hunters covenant will not end, you will get an Approval gesture and Heir Rune from Henryk’s corpse.

Exit the Chapel and reach the gate, as you go up you can face a two Church Servants. After dealing with them you will find another one standing at a side of a staircase, you can quietly walk and stagger the creature for a visceral attack. For the next one, you have to drop down and then through the gate reach the plaza and fight more Church Giants there. You will get Madman’s Knowledge in the area. Once done exit through the archway on the right and kill a crow and brainsucker. At the corner look for Twin Blood Stone Shards. Get to the grand staircase and face a few more Church Servants here. These one are carrying crucifixes so deal with them with strategy. On the left you will get a large double door, cross that go down and pass through the tunnel you will reach the large field.

In this area, you will find a lot of riflemen, and this time damage caused by their bullets is high. So you have to care once you enter the area try not to create an alert so that all won’t start shooting at you. Take cover behind trees and rocks around. There are Hunting dogs also. By passing through the field you will reach a small lane with two more dogs and a rifleman in it. Lure the dogs first kill them and then engage with the rifleman. Open the gate to Hemwick Charnal Lane. You will have to locate a rifleman on the middle of the street, use the trees to cover. Once the area is clear, take down the four riflemen on the corner side. Get back to the large double door and on the right of the staircase, you have to go down to a well. At the bottom of the staircase, you will find a Hunter who is wielding Tonitrus weapon and Wooden Shield. There is one more Hunter NPC in the area, he has a Rifle spear and Ludwig’s rifle. Head on a fight with these hunters is not easy, so try going from behind or jump from the top for a visceral attack.

Vicar Amelia Boss Walkthrough

Next, you will have to take the stairs that will lead you to Wandering Nightmare and then return to the well. Explore for loots in your path. You will have to walk towards the cliff now, where you can find Twin Blood Stone Shards. Face too more rifleman and you will reach an area with Executioners. Get down first them one by one. You have to slowly kill all the enemy in the area without raising an alert. Finally, when you are done exploring this area, there is nothing much to do here. You have to return back to the double doors at the top of the staircase and open it to enter Grand Cathedral for a boss fight.

Vicar Amelia Boss Walkthrough

Vicar Amelia Boss Walkthrough

Vicar Amelia is a large and slow boss. Due to low speed, it is possible to avoid its attack and you can learn the pattern also. In the first phase of the battle, you will have to avoid her attacks first. Try getting headshots when she is done with performing combo attacks on you. Like the Jumping Slam. You can shoot the right hind leg also. Her Axe-Handle Smash where she prays and slashes the ground can throw you off far, so dodge it. When she jumps and land down you have a chance to attack the legs.

If you are able to damage her health up to 50% the second phase of attack begins. In the second phase, she will be a bit stronger and aggressive. Her attacks can cause massive damage. She will also go for Recovery prayer where she will stand on her hind legs, you have to interfere it. Use some fast weapon and cause as much damage possible. After death, she will drop 15,000 Blood Echoes and a Gold Pendant. There is a skull in the chapel that will trigger a cutscene. You can inspect to see it, next activate the later.

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