Wangshu Once Again – Genshin Impact

Back to the Inn.

Image via miHoYo

Wangshu Once Again is the second quest you will need to complete to fully open up the activities in the second stage of the Lantern Rite event. Make your way to Wangshu Inn and speak with Verr Goldet.

She will ask for your help, as they are missing some staff due to the festival and are overrun with work. Go and talk to Smiley Yanxiao in the kitchen and he will ask you to collect some ingredient from the docks downstairs, and also hang some Xiao Lanterns.

Jump down to the docks, then interact with the three marked crates to get all the ingredients for Smiley. The two Xiao Lanterns need to be hung at the front steps of the Wangshu Inn, from the small trees to either side.

Return to Verr Goldet and inform her that you are finished, and Wangya will appear, once again asking for your help. It appears that Mr. Bohuan has gone missing, and you will need to find him.

Follow the waypoint to discover he is surrounded by Hilichurls. Take them all out and he will tell you that he is looking for supplies. Give him some Qingxin and Cor Lapis, and he will promise to return to the Inn shortly.

After that, return to the Inn and speak with Wangya to finish up this quest.