Where to farm Cor Lapis in Genshin Impact

Time to fill up your bags.

Resources are exceedingly useful in Genshin Impact. They allow you to Ascend your characters, weapons, craft potions, or you can use various delicious ingredients you find out in the wild to cook wonderful meals to buff your party members or give them more health. It’s essential to have many them in your inventory, but some minerals, such as Cor Lapis, are a bit more challenging to find out in the wild. Most of them are hidden away, and you might find one on your path by merely being lucky, but it only gives you one or two nodes of the resource. We know a few places you can find Cor Lapis, though, to make it easier.

Cor Lapis is primarily in the Liyue. It’s inside of caves, mines, or on the side of the mountains. With Liyue having plenty of mountains for you to climb, a good strategy is to climb up to the higher points of a ridge and look for the distinctly orange ore attached to the side of a hill.

In the northern part of Liyue, in the Bishui Plains, you can find plenty in the mountains. It’s closer to the north, at ground level. There should be several waterfalls and rivers, with a handful of them scattered all over. Some of them are closer to the Electro Chain Mage that resides there. Beyond that area, to the Minlin region, there are mountains everywhere. All it takes is finding a mountain to climb and take a look around. You’ll be hard-pressed to not find any. Mt. Hulao is also an excellent area.

Closer to the southern region, you might not have as many locations to obtain Cor Lapis, but all you need to do is look up and start investigating the mountains, incredibly close to Lisha. Right next to the waypoint shrine to the west of Mt. Tianheng, you can find two or three deposits. If you go more west to Qingxu Pool, there are a handful of deposits in that region.

These are some of the best spots to farm Cor Lapis, and add a fair amount of it to your inventory. You’ll be able to use plenty of them for the two potions that require it, and if you need to Ascend Chongyuin or Keqing, you’re good to go.