Wanted: Dead cheat code to unlock easy mode

No one has to suffer their way through Wanted: Dead.

The cover art for Wanted: Dead

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Wanted: Dead can be a challenging game, both intentionally and unintentionally, as the player must perform lethargic dashes to escape from volleys of enemy gunfire while constantly fighting the camera. Luckily, a secret cheat code lets the player access Neko-chan Mode (Easy Mode) and unlock all of the minigames from the start.

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How to unlock Neko-chan Mode and all minigames | Wanted: Dead cheat

The Easy Mode cheat for Wanted: Dead is unlocked by pressing a specific button combination on the title screen. First, press any button on the title screen to bring up the various options, such as New Game and Training, then press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, and Right on the d-pad. 

If performed correctly, a sound effect will play, declaring that Neko-chan Mode has been unlocked.

The cheat code instantly unlocks all of the minigames in Wanted: Dead, including Target Practise, the Crane Game, Karaoke, Space Runaway, and Ramen.

The Karaoke minigame is especially fun, as it involves the cast singing the original German version of “99 Luftballons” by Nena, with prompts that become increasingly more complex throughout the song.

Also, the Space Runaway game is worth checking out, as it’s a retro-style sci-fi shooter in the vein of games like R-Type and Zero Wing. These give the player a chance to take a break from Wanted: Dead’s fast-paced action gameplay and relax with their squad.

The real benefit of the cheat code is that it unlocks Neko-chan Mode, which is Wanted: Dead’s version of Easy Mode. In this mode, the player can carry more Stimpacks, and enemies are easier to kill. The protagonist will also be sporting a set of cat ears, signifying to the world that the player decided to take the easy way out. These cat ears will appear during regular gameplay and only show up in a few of Wanted: Dead’s story cutscenes that play throughout the stages.