Warframe Cross Save Update Release Date & Details Explained

Cross save is one of the most requested features in Warframe ever, one that will soon be a reality for those wanting to play anywhere.

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Warframe is available on almost every major platform, meaning players can pick it up and enjoy it on the go if they want, but saves have always been restricted to the platform fans play on. However, Digital Extremes is bringing cross-save to Warframe for everyone to take advantage of.

Cross-save functionality allows players in any game to continue playing on their save file regardless of which platform they’re using. Since Warframe is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox, we’ve been wanting to take our journey from our serious home console station out and about. Unfortunately, there’s been no way to do that without starting a fresh save file. At least, there wasn’t until the release of Whispers in the Walls.

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When Will Warframe Cross Save be Released?

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Cross save will be released for Warframe at some point during the week following the launch of the Whispers in the Walls update on December 13, 2023. This was outlined in a developer livestream from Digital Extremes on the day of the update’s release.

At the time of writing, December 22, 2023, the Warframe Cross Save update is available to all players until 5 PM ET. This could be closed early if issues crop up again as they did with earlier stress tests. This will be the final chance that players get to enable cross save on their account until January 2024.

Should You Buy Prime Access for the Warframe Cross Save Update?

No, players should not be buying Prime Access for the Warframe Cross Save Update at the time of writing. As is explained by YouTuber Pupsker in the video above, some players have purchased Prime Access for PC because they believe it will allow them to link up their other high-level accounts on PC as well.

However, this doesn’t seem to work and is causing many accounts to be reset so that the brand new PC account becomes the main one, wiping out all other accounts as they’re linked via the Warframe Cross Save Update.

If players are desperate to hop on the update train early, then we recommend carefully reading through the entries on the latest Warframe forum post on the Cross Save Update. This is where all players experiencing success and failure with the update have posted about their experience.

There are some particularly good posts with full guides for how players achieved a full migration of their account from console to PC. Most of the fans having trouble seem to be rushing the process and picking their new Prime Access PC account as their primary account, which is why their progress is being wiped from other platforms.

How Does the Warframe Cross Save Update Work?

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Once cross save is live in Warframe, players will be able to create a Cross Platform Save Account. On PC, they’ll also be able to designate a specific save file as their Cross Platform Save Account. This account can then be used across all platforms, provided players log into it.

Every account created on or before 2 PM ET on November 24, 2023, will be eligible for a one-time account merge with all of their other accounts. This will allow all players with an eligible account to preserve almost all of their progress and items from across every device they’ve been playing on.

For players like us, who keep all their main progress to one platform, it’s an easy choice as to which account to make the primary account and have all others merge to. If players are struggling to decide which account to save the most inventory from, we suggest saving the one with the most Twitch Drops or exclusive and time-limited cosmetics that are hard or impossible to come by anymore.