What is the Release Date for Warframe: Whispers in the Walls?

Whispers in the Walls is an intriguing update for Warframe that adds a new enemy faction, a Grimoire weapon class, and more.


Image via Digital Extremes

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Whispers in the Walls is an update for Warframe that will explore the lore surrounding one of the game’s most mysterious characters, Albrecht Entrati. It’ll throw players into a conflict against a new enemy faction and much more, making for an incredibly memorable journey.

Over the decade since Warframe was released, the game has received dozens of updates and expansions that have built upon its lore and universe. Each one offers players something fresh and exciting to explore, a way to engage with the story that takes away the grind for resources such as Platinum. But players will need to get through the agonizing wait for the release date of Warframe: Whispers in the Walls first.

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When is the Release Date for Warframe: Whispers in the Walls

Image via Digital Extremes

The release date for Warframe: Whispers in the Walls is December 13, 2023, announced live during The Game Awards. Once the update has been released, players will need to download it and ensure their game files have been verified, with all additional unpacking complete, before they can hop in and play it.

How to Start Warframe: Whispers in the Walls

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To start Warframe: Whispers in the Walls, players must first have completed the Heart of Deimos and The New War questlines. After that, they’ll be able to access Whispers in the Walls from the main navigation menu.

If players haven’t completed these questlines and don’t want to wait the lengthy amount of time required to hit that point in the story, they won’t need to worry. Optimizations will be implemented with the update that allows players to blast through Warframe’s story much faster, avoiding the time-gating between Mastery Ranks most veterans have already pushed through.

Instead, players must work their way up to Mastery Rank 5 and blow through Warframe’s story until the above questlines have been completed. Developer Digital Extremes is streamlining the game in this way to give casual, lapsed, and new players a chance to enjoy the latest content and story without the daunting glut of content Warframe has that can put many people off.

Other Changes Coming With Warframe: Whispers in the Walls

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Warframe: Whispers in the Walls adds many new content for players to enjoy. The main hub area is the first time players will experience a hub space that leads to more hubs, where they’ll experience procedural missions that advance the story.

Those who jump into the update can enjoy the new quest and get to grips with the Grimoire Weapon Class, a new enemy Faction, and additional game modes. All of this is there for players to explore once they get into the update. We’ve been working through all the required questlines before the announcement of Whispers of the Wall’s release date. We suggest everyone who wants to play it does so with the little time they have left.