Warframe: Grendel Prime Complete Guide – How to Get Grendel Prime Relics & is it Worth it?

Grendel Prime is an incredible Warframe that can literally eat its enemies, so it’s worth picking up by seeking out Relics.

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Grendel Prime is one of the most incredible Warframes players can pick up either as a premium item from the game or as one they can pick up by collecting Relics elsewhere in the game. We think it looks amazing and has some brilliant abilities.

Not all players are able to throw more money at Warframe to pick this beast up, so many will be looking at how to find Relics that will allow them to unlock it. This is the much more difficult path, but it’ll add a lot more activities for them to engage with when they do play.

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When is the Release Date for Grendel Prime in Warframe

Grendel Prime will be released in Warframe on October 18, 2023. Prime Access for the Warframe will begin immediately, and players will be able to start grinding for Relics to acquire it on the same day as well. In the meantime, getting the base Grendel Warframe is possible if players are desperate for something resembling this behemoth.

How to Get Grendel Prime Relics in Warframe

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To get Grendel Prime Relics in Warframe, players can either check the marketplace to see if players are selling them or collect them through Void Relics. The marketplace is an easy option, but it may cost players a fair bit of Platinum. It’s hard to work out if this is cheaper than buying the Warframe through Prime Access, but it’s generally seen as such.

To get Grendel Prime Relics through Void Relics, players need to run specific activities first to get them and then hope that they pick up a Grendel Prime Relic. This is an incredibly time-consuming method and doesn’t always net players what they need. Our recommendation is to buy the Warframe outright if players are desperate to own it.

All Grendel Prime Relics in Warframe

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There are four Relics that players need to farm if they want to get their hands on Grendel Prime without purchasing it outright. We’ve listed these, and the Relics players must farm, below. Players need all four to build the Warframe before using it.

  • Blueprint – Lith G8
  • Chassis – Neo S18
  • Systems – Axi G11
  • Neuroptics – Meso B8

How to Buy Prime Access in Warframe to Get Grendel Prime

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To get Grendel Prime through Prime Access, players need to visit the official Warframe website and purchase one of the Prime Access packages. This can also be done in-game, though the value doesn’t change. Only the two higher tier packages grant access to Grendel Prime, so players who want the new Warframe will need to pony up for them or get hunting for Relics.

All Grendel Prime Abilities in Warframe

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Grendel Prime’s abilities are all about defeating enemies with massive weapons and then devouring them. We’ve outlined each of them below.

AbilityWhat it Does
FeastGrendel Prime swallows enemies whole and stores them in his enormous gut. Holding the ability button will see him spew them out and cover enemies in bile.
NourishGrendel Prime murders the enemies stored inside his gut and uses them to regenerate health. Any enemies that are attacked by Grendel Prime or that attack him during this time are afflicted with viral damage. Energy sources consumed at this time grant more energy.
PulverizeGrendel Prime curls up into a ball and rolls around, crushing his enemies. Jumping in this state causes a shockwave when Grendel Prime lands, which damages those it hits.
RegurgitateWhen using this power, Grendel Prime vomits up a bile-soaked enemy. The consumed enemy is now a toxic projectile. The bile dissolves armor on enemies and slows them.

Is Grendel Prime Worth it?

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It’s impossible to say if a Warframe is worth it for every player. However, we love the look and abilities this Warframe offers, and they fit very well with our play style of getting stuck into combat up close and personal. For us, Grendel Prime is worth it.

However, for players who play differently from us, sticking back and shooting from a distance, avoiding melee combat at all costs, Grendel Prime might not be worth it. This thing is slower than other Warframes, and its abilities rely on players being in close proximity to enemies. If that’s not how someone plays, then we would say it’s not worth getting.

The only caveat we have to this is for collectors. If players enjoy collecting every Prime Warframe by purchasing Prime Access or finding enough Relics in-game, then this is absolutely worth it. If it takes players dozens of hours to acquire, it could still be worth it for that journey of progression. It’s too subjective to say, but we hope these views we’ve outlined help everyone else understand if they want to dive in and grab Grendel Prime or not.