Warframe – Hostile Mergers Event Guide

Hostile Mergers is a new event in Warframe that can get you some pretty sweet rewards. To start the event, go to your Navigation screen, and the event will be shown there. It takes place on Jupiter, and there will be new nodes that you can travel to for the event.

What Is Hostile Mergers?

In Hostile Mergers, you will be playing the new Disruption game mode. The event is broken into two parts. The first part consists of three different missions across three different nodes. They involve playing one, two, and three rounds of Disruption. After that, you will have access to the endless version of the mode, which is where the final portion takes place.

In the second part of the event, you will be playing endless Disruption mode to get points. You need to hit 1000 and 4000 points to get the two rewards for this part. Points are earned by defending the conduits. We have a full guide to Disruption mode if you need it. The points you earn are not cumulative; they do not add up between sessions and need to be earned in one round. It is not very difficult to do, and you should be able to get it wrapped up in about half an hour or so, once you are not losing too many conduits.

Hostile Take Over Rewards

The rewards for the Hostile Mergers event are as follows

  • Mission 1 – Hostile Mergers Emblem
  • Mission 2 – Hostile Mergers Sigil
  • Mission 3 – Aura Forma
  • Endless 1000 Points – Spectra Vandal
  • Endless 4000 Points – Glaxion Vandal

Clan Trophy Tier Rewards

Hostile Mergers also links into a Clan event. Clan members will be able to work together to earn points, earning them different levels of trophy depending on the Clan size. For full details on this portion of the event, check out the relevant post to the Warframe Forums.