What are Bicolor Gemstones in Final Fantasy XIV Online?

A new resource you’ll want to hunt down in Endwalker.

You’ll be able to find a variety of items and resources as you explore Final Fantasy XIV Online and complete various quests that cross your path. An essential resource that you’ll want to hunt down are the Bicolor Gemstones. You’ll be able to turn these into Bicolor Gemstone vendors and receive unique items. In this guide, we will detail what Bicolor Gemstones are in Final Fantasy XIV and how they work.

The Bicolor Gemstones are coming in with the arrival of Endwalker to Final Fantasy XIV alongside the 6.0 update. You’ll receive a Bicolor Gemstone by completing any of the FATEs you encounter in the 6.0 area. These locations include Labyrinthos, Thavnair, Garlemald, Mare Lamentorum, and even more that were not revealed in the initial Patch Notes for 6.0. You’ll want to explore all of these areas and the adjacent ones to locate these 6.0 FATEs.

You will not receive Bicolor Gemstones from every FATE moving forward. It is merely in the ones released within Endwalker and the 6.0 update.

Once you have enough, you’ll want to return to a Gemstone Vendor in the respective city you’re nearest to turn them in for various items. The more FATEs you complete them with other players, and the ones you find throughout the world, the more Bicolor Gemstones you’ll earn. You should automatically receive them in your inventory upon completing a 6.0 FATE.