What are Fairy type’s weaknesses in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? Answered

Watch for these type matchups.

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If you’re playing a Pokémon game for the first time, make sure to watch for the type matchups. Like every other monster in the world of Pokémon, Fairy-type Pokémon like Sylveon and Azumarill all have weaknesses that affect both the offensive and defensive sides of fighting. For those returning to the franchise, Fairy-type matchups can be a bit more confusing since this is the most recent type added into Pokémon. So, what weaknesses do Fairy-type Pokémon have in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet? Let’s look at what you need to know for both sides of fighting in the Paldea region.

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What are Fairy type’s weaknesses in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

Fairy-type Pokémon have several different weaknesses. Let’s start off with defense and what moves are stronger against Fairy-type Pokémon. Here are the full list of Pokémon type moves that are super effective against Fairy types:

  • Poison
  • Steel

On the offensive side of things, Fairy-type moves are half as effective against certain types of Pokémon. Those Pokémon that have that ability are the following types:

  • Fire
  • Poison
  • Steel

Poison and Steel-type Pokemon are the ones that you will really need to be careful of, while using a Fairy-type. Not only are Poison and Steel-types super effective against Fairy-types, but Fairy moves are fairly weak against these two types.

Remember, Fairy-types moves are half as effective as compared to against other monsters. Unlike with some other Pokémon, there are no monsters that are immune to Fairy-type moves.