What are Mog Bells in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier?

The rarest of drops.


Image via Square Enix

There are loads of items that you can pick up in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. Some have an obvious use, like the weapons and Materia scattered around each map, while others are a little less so. In this guide, we’ll explain what the Mog Bell is and why it’s so important that you try to find one in every match.

Access to the Moogle Emporium

Screenshot by Gamepur

A Mog Bell is an incredibly rare item, but you’ll notice when you find one in a chest in a match because it’s purple. There aren’t that many purple items to find. So when you see one, make the space to pick it up and continue with the current match. When the match is over, you’ll go through the end screens as usual, but then you’ll see a new one: the Moogle Emporium.

Mog Bells give you access to this secret store once a match is over. There will be six items on offer, all of which you can buy using the Gil you’ll have earned for completing challenges and finishing matches up until this point. We had enough to buy almost everything, including a new Chocobo Egg, the first time we visited.