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All Primal Storm events in the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight pre-patch

Earn some catch-up gear before tackling the Dragon Isles.

The World of Warcraft: Dragonflight expansion is fastly approaching, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to do in the meantime. Phase Two of the Dragonflight pre-patch is live, and there is a ton of new exciting content to do while waiting for the Dragon Isles. Blizzard has added a fun catch-up event for returning players and alts that can both help with leveling and gearing up in preparation for the new expansion.

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How to use Primal Storm events to catch up in World of Warcraft

Primal Storm events are invasions that pop up in specific areas of the old world. Primalist forces are invading and servers must work together to defeat enemies in order to be able to defeat the elemental lord boss leading the invasion. Accomplishing these tasks will earn players catch-up gear from boss drops as well as a currency to purchase collectibles and gear.

The goal of Primal Storms is to weaken the primal lord enough to be able to attack it. The boss will start with a 99 stack buff and cannot be attacked. It will lose a stack for every primalist enemy in the area killed. Every kill in the area counts, so players do not have to do it all alone. Once enough enemies are killed, the boss can be defeated. Players will earn a chance at 252 item level gear from each boss they take down as well as Primeval Essence, a currency used to purchase collectibles and gear from vendors in their respective capital cities.

A character only needs to be level 10 to partake in the event. Gear rewards are level 60, but characters under that level will receive experience for completing the events and currency, allowing them to purchase max level gear for when they complete the leveling process.

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Where are the Primal Storm events in World of Warcraft?

There are several different locations in the old world zones where the Primal Storm events take place. These events rotate every few hours and show up on the map as elemental icons.

  • Northern Barrnes
  • Un’Goro Crater
  • Tirisfal Glades
  • Badlands
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Primal Storm events vendor location in World of Warcraft

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Primeval Essence earned during the event can be spent in either Stormwind of Orgrimmar depending on the character’s faction. Rewards include the Bag of Furious Winds toy, a 20-slot reagent bag, and a full collection of 252 item level catch-up gear and weapons.

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When killing elemental lords, each one has a chance to drop a Dimmed Primeval item of its respective element. There are four different ones, Dimmed Primeval Fire, Dimmed Primeval Water, Dimmed Primeval Storm, and Dimmed Primeval Earth. Combining all four of these items will create an heirloom trinket called Unstable Elemental Confluence. It’s a main stat trinket that has a damage or healing proc depending on who it procs on.

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Phase Two of the pre-patch also allows players to create a Drackthyr Evoker and play through their starting area provided they have purchased the Dragonflight expansion and meet the requirements.

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