What are the glowing red lights in The Good Life?



Screenshot by Gamepur

There are many strange things going on in The Good Life, such as protagonist Naomi transforming into a cat at will. However, sometimes you’ll see something so strange that it makes you stop and wonder if it’s dangerous, like a glowing red light. This guide explains what the glowing red lights are and how you should deal with them.

What are the glowing red lights?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Each red glowing light is a Shrine on the map somewhere. These Shrines are red because you haven’t yet interacted with or activated them. They’re safe to approach, though you may want to do so as a human to avoid any large predators attacking you in cat form.

To activate a Shrine, all you need to do is walk up to it and interact with it. You’ll be told that it isn’t active because you haven’t donated yet. You’ll need to pay £1 if you want to activate the Shrine, which is a small price to pay to have it as a potential fast travel point later in the game. It’s worth activating every Shrine in the game, so you have a decent network of fast travel points to use, and it’s easier to locate them all when they’re glowing red at night like this.