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What are the pro dribble requirements in NBA 2K23?

Keep these notes in mind.

One of the key things of a MyPlayer build is the ball handle rating. This has a large effect on the player’s attributes, but more importantly, which animations a user will have access to for NBA 2K. NBA 2K23 is here, and much like in prior years, this will be a talked about topic. So, what requirements should you know about pro dribbling in NBA 2K23? Let’s go over some of the details.

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What stats are required for pro dribble in NBA 2K23?

For NBA 2K21 and 2K22, users wanted a minimum ball handle of 85. That not only unlocked the pro dribble style, but also special size-up and escape package animations for MyPlayers.

That remains the case for NBA 2K23. While users will be able to use the Pro Dribble Style with a 70 Ball Handle, as well as unlock animations and the Pro Size-Ups and Escape packages (75 Minimum), 85 is the true minimum requirement. Special size-up packages, such as ones from LaMelo Ball, James Harden, and Tracy McGrady, do require a minimum of 85 Ball Handle.

Other notable NBA players though, like Kobe Bryant, Kyrie Irving, and Trae Young, actually requires Ball Handle ratings that are above 85. Here are the requirements for those:

  • Kobe Bryant: Height under 6’10” and 88+ Ball Handle
  • Stephon Curry: Height under 6’5” and 92+ Ball Handle
  • Kyrie Irving: Height under 6’5” and 90+ Ball Handle
  • Kemba Walker: Height under 6’5” and 86+ Ball Handle
  • Trae Young: Height under 6’5” and 92+ Ball Handle

Keep these requirements in mind when working on a MyPlayer build, especially if you want the animations of the likes of Kobe and Steph Curry.

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