What are the red raid eggs in Pokémon Go?

What kind of egg is this?

Image via Niantic

Another type of raid egg is starting to appear in Pokémon Go. A red egg, one many refer to as a bright crimson, is beginning to appear on top of Gyms in the mobile game, and these red eggs take a long time to hatch. When they finally reveal their Pokémon, they unleash potent opponents, and you’re going to want to bring several friends with you to take them down. Here’s what you need to know about the red raid eggs in Pokémon Go.

How red raid eggs work in Pokémon Go

The red raid eggs in Pokémon Go are known as Elite Raids. These are some of the toughest challenges in the game, and are even more complex than five-star raids. The Pokémon at these raids will be extremely tough. Unfortunately, you will not be able to invite friends who are not close to the Gym to help you out. You can only use players who stand nearby. No Remote Raid Passes are available for this raid.

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The arrival of Elite Raids was announced in the middle of October 2022, alongside the reveal that Hoopa Unbound was going to be one of the opponents. It was the first time Hoopa Unbound was available beyond the Special Research you could earn it from that appeared during the Season of Mischief. They will next appear on December 10 in your local time zone, spawning at 11 AM, 2 PM, and 5 PM in your time zone. The raid encounters will remain active for 30 minutes.

The Pokémon featured in these raids have close to 20,000 health, making them more potent than any Pokémon that spawns for five-star raids. Make sure to defeat it before the timer runs out, allowing you to catch it alongside your teammates.