What do Llamas eat in Minecraft?

Have a ton of these cute animals by feeding them.

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In Minecraft, players can find Llamas roaming around with merchants, mountains, or savanna biomes. They are super cute neutral mobs that are used to ride or transport items in the game. If you want to get a herd of them yourself, you can begin breeding them to make more. The process is as simple and easy as any other mob like this, but they need a specific food. Here is what Llamas eat in Minecraft.

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What can you feed Llamas in Minecraft?

If you want to get more Llamas at your home base, you will need to gather Hay Bales or Wheat. Llamas will eat both items, which will allow them to regain health. If you are looking to tame and breed them, you will need to use Hay Bales, though. While you can potentially find them in Villages, you can make Hay Bales with nine pieces of Wheat. Fill up the crafting grid to make one Hay Bale.

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When you have the food in your hand, all you need to do is interact with the Llama and it will eat it. If that animal is hurt at all, the focus will be on regaining its health first. From there, you will see some hearts appear momentarily when you tame them. After that, hearts will appear for a longer period when they are ready to breed. From this point, they will search out another Llama with hearts so they can make a baby Llama. When the baby Llama is spawned in, you can feed it the same food to make it grow into an adult much faster.

After you have made some Llamas, you will not be able to put a Saddle on them like Horses. Instead, you can put a Carpet and Chest on them to decorate them and have them carry your inventory. From there, use a Lead to have it follow you.