ARK: Survival Evolved – What to Feed Adult Magmasaurs

Magmasaurs are like other dinosaurs in ARK: Survival Evolved, and they require some food to keep them going. Here’s what they eat.

Image via Studio Wildcard

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ARK: Survival Evolved has a wide variety of weird, cute, and wonderful creatures. A more recent addition to the collection was the Magmasaur or Cherufe, a massive glowing and lava-spitting lizard that thrives in the flames and heat of volcanoes.

Magmasaurs are not only a visual treat, they are also highly rated as metal gatherers in the game and can be used to mine quickly and efficiently across a map. Here’s what to feed your Magmasaur to have it operating at peak efficiency in ARK: Survival Evolved.

How to Get Baby Magmasaurs in ARK: Survival Evolved

Screenshot by Gamepur

As a Magmasaur cannot be tamed by knockout, you must obtain and hatch a Magmasaur egg in ARK: Survival Evolved. Magmasaur eggs are found in nests near adult Magmasaurs in volcanic areas on both the Genesis: Part 1 and Lost Island maps. They will guard those nests both ferociously and closely.

I recommend going in with a plan to attempt to sneak away with the egg, or you can choose to fight your way through the horde of Magmasaurs to try and steal one. Both methods are valid, and you should always prepare for a fight against these creatures when attempting to steal their eggs in ARK: Survival Evolved. However, if you can sneak in and grab the egg without starting a fight, you might find it much easier to escape.

Once an egg is obtained, you’ll need to match the relevant temperatures to hatch it in ARK: Survival Evolved. When you have successfully hatched your baby Magmasaur you must imprint and feed it to keep it alive. Baby Magmasaurs survive on a diet of Ambergris or Sulfur. Placing either of these into your Magmasaur’s inventory will keep it from starving to death.

What to Feed Adult Magmasaurs in ARK: Survival Evolved

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Adult Magmasaurs can eat either Stone or Metal, which is very easy to obtain with the Magmasaur. Simply hitting any resource rock with the dino will give you an abundance, and leaving some in their inventory will ensure they are well-fed. You can harvest a good amount of this at any time, but I recommend having a stockpile exclusively for the Magmasaurs you’re trying to tame and the other projects you’re working on in your game.