What does Jewel Coral do in Lost Ark? Answered

Trade in Jewel Coral for a shiny new turtle.

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After assisting Baham in assimilating Flynn with his presumed family of turtles, the elderly tortoise caregiver will bestow Lost Ark players with a single piece of Jewel Coral. What this coral is used for, however, isn’t entirely clear. Its in-game description merely implies that it could be valuable in shops. While its value to merchants is inherently true, one particular shop can offer a wholly unique reward for players willing to part with their coral — an entirely new, one-of-a-kind mount.

Using Jewel Coral

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Jewel Coral can be brought to any Luxury Goods Trader across Arkesia. Luxury Goods Traders have shops set up in all major cities, including one in Prideholme, the earliest that players will encounter them.

These traders are the only potential recipients of the player’s Jewel Coral. In exchange, they offer three mountable turtles, which come in one of three colors — Green Moss, Yellow Moss, and Azure Moss. All three turtle mounts run at the same, surprisingly blistering speed, making the player’s choice between the three entirely cosmetic.

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While these turtle mounts currently exchange at one Jewel Coral per turtle, players can only get one piece of coral per character through completing Flynn’s quest-line, making their choice between the three a near-permanent one. What’s more is that Jewel Coral is bound to the current character when obtained, making it impossible to share coral pieces across characters through the use of roster storage Occasionally, certain higher-level Una’s Tasks can potentially offer Jewel Coral as part of their completion rewards, albeit sparingly.