What does Pausechamp mean on Twitch? Answered

The new PogChamp.

Image via Twitch

If you are a fan of the streaming culture and spend your time enjoying different streamers on Twitch, you might have heard or seen several streamers using the PauseChamp emote. However, since there is a nearly endless amount of emotes available on Twitch, you might not be familiar with PauseChamp’s origin or how to use it appropriately.

Pausechamp emote origin and meaning

Pausechamp is an alteration of the original PogChamp emote, which is one of the most popular emotes in Twitch’s history. PogChamp emote, based on streamer Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez, is used when one is shocked or surprised. Twitch added the emote in 2012; however, after Gutierrez’s comments supporting the Capitol Riots in 2021, the emote was subsequently removed from Twitch.

PauseChamp, on the other hand, is an altered version of the original PogChamp that was added to the platform by user PaulieLUL on May 7, 2019. The emote was active for four days until Twitch again removed it. However, on May 11, the emote was resubmitted by the user Nixi93 to BetterTTV, and it has been active since.

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The PauseChamp emote expresses anticipation or if something significant has happened on the stream. A good scenario to use the PauseChamp emote would be when an Esports match is in its final round or a streamer is preparing to tackle the main boss.

Either way, Pausechamp remains one of the more popular emotes on Twitch. The platform also has several badges that you might want to assign to help your profile stand out. Like emotes, you don’t have to use them to enjoy Twitch, but they’re available for some extra cosmetic flair.