What does monkaW mean on Twitch? Answered

Everyone’s favourite Pepe the Frog.

Image via Twitch

Using Emotes is one of the significant features on Twitch that can greatly improve the streaming experience of a streamer or the viewer. Several Emotes are available on the platform, expressing every possible emotion you can think of. However, one of the emotes that is used more when compared to the others is the monkaW emote, but what does this popular emote mean?

monkaW emote origin and meaning

The monkaW emote is an evolved version of the original monkaS emote. The emote is a part of the W emote series on Twitch, where the series consists of evolved versions of already existing Twitch emotes. Unlike the PauseChamp emote, which is an altered version of its predecessor PogChamp, and where the meaning of both the emotes are different, both monkaW and monkaS are used when something controversial or nerve-wracking has happened on the stream. You might get confused between the emotes as monkaW is essentially a zoomed version of monkaS.

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The original monkaS emote was initially added to 4Chan back in 2016, and it quickly became popular, eventually making its way to Twitch’s library in the same year. Based on the famous character Pepe the Frog, monkaS became an instant fan favorite and, just one year after the original emote release, user voparoS_ added its evolved version, known as the monkaW emote, to Twitch’s library.

How to use monkaW emote on Twitch

To use monkaW emote in Twitch, add the FrankerFaceZ (FFZ) or BetterTTV (BTTV) extensions to your Twitch account. Once done, you will be able to use monkaW emote on the streamers’ live stream so long as they have the same emote enabled. To use the emote, simply type monkaW in the stream’s chat, and it will appear instantly.