How to assign Founders Badges on Twitch

What a Founder’s Badge is, and whether you can assign it.

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Twitch allows players to show off their actions with badges that, while not granting any special privileges on the platform, give subscribers something to be proud of. While you can create your own subscriber badges and provide them to subscribers as milestones, one of the most sought-after badges is the Founders Badge.

What is the Founders Badge?

The Founders Badge is special in that it cannot be given out like a regular subscriber badge. Each channel will only have a limited amount of Founders Badges to give out, and you cannot gain any more. Having one is a big symbol of pride, and channel owners want to know how they can assign those badges.

Twitch gives out the Founders Badge, and it is helpful to know how you get it in the first place, then learn how you actually assign it to someone.

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Which channels are eligible for the Founders Badge?

The Founders Badge is only available for Affiliate and Partner channels, and will be available by default. Affiliate channels have ten Founder Badges to give out, while Partner channels have 25 Founder Badges. If your channel doesn’t fit either of those two categories, you cannot give out Founders Badges.

To get one of these badges, you must be one of the channel’s first paid or Prime subscribers. That means you must be one of the first ten paid subscribers for an Affiliate channel or one of the first paid 25 subscribers for a Partner channel. It isn’t enough to be a free subscriber, even if you were within the first ten people to sign up.

There is no method for assigning the badges other than the time you subscribed to the channel. If you subscribed to the channel while it still had Founders Badges to give out, you will get one. If you happen to be the eleventh paid subscriber for an Affiliate channel or 26th paid subscriber for a Partner channel, you are out of luck.

How to assign or re-assign a Founders Badge

Due to the way it is given out, there is no way to assign a Founders Badge yourself or re-assign it to another user/subscriber. Even if the subscribers eventually leave your channel, they will always have the badge on their status.

You can choose to hide the Founders Badge in your settings or replace it with another badge, but you cannot remove it as it is given out by Twitch itself and is not controlled by the channel owner.

The Founders Badge is a great way to track the people who were with you at the start of your streaming journey, and they will always have the badge as a reward for their support. For everyone else that comes later, you can start assigning your own custom Subscription/Loyalty Badges. But there’s nothing you can do regarding re-distributing Founders Badges.