What does Smash do Xenoblade Chronicles 3? Answered

Make every fight a smashing success.

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Smash is one of two unique combo enders in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Art Combos allow you to use reaction effects that make enemies vulnerable to this new fighting style. The latest entry in this long-running series will enable you to launch enemies and knock them down to the ground for massive damage. This guide will explain how to use Smash and what it does in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

What Smash does in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Smash is one of two unique combo enders used to end attack chains with damage and style. Burst enders aim to inflict status effects; Smash has a different purpose.

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The Smash combo ender is primarily used to end a combo with a heavy-hitting flourish. No matter how big, every enemy can be launched into the air and smashed back down to the ground.

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Now that you know what Smash does, you must learn how to use it in combat.

How to perform a Smash combo in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Art Combos are performed by linking Arts that feature enemy debuff reactions. Art combos must be linked before the debuff you inflict wears off. Every combo in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 starts with the Art reaction called Break.

A Smash Art combo works as follows.

  • Break – This is the standard reaction to start every combo.
  • Topple – This will knock down an enemy suffering from Break.
  • Launch – This Art only works on Toppled enemies. Launched opponents can’t dodge attacks and will float in the air for a short period of time.
  • Smash – A guaranteed critical hit designed to end a combo.
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Allies controlled by AI can be adjusted with the Tactics menu to attempt specific combo attacks when they have an opening. Equip your characters with the Arts containing the four debuffs listed above to perform Smash combos in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.