What does the Remembrance of the Grafted do in Elden Ring?

A reward for defeating Godrick the Grafted.

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After defeating Godrick the Grafted in Elden Ring, you’ll receive a key item called Remembrance of the Grafted. You won’t be able to sell it or offer it to many of the blacksmiths you encounter in the Elden Ring, but a particular person can find some use for it. You’ll have to find them in a specific location. This guide covers what the Remembrance of the Grafted does in Elden Ring and who needs it.

How the Remembrance of the Grafted works in Elden Ring

The item gives you access to two unique weapons, both useable by Godrick. These weapons are called the Axe of Godrick and the Grafted Dragon. The weapon is the same one that Godrick was using against you, and the Grafted Dragon was what he was using during the second phase of the fight. When you turn in this item, you’ll have to choose between the two items you want, and your choice will vary based on your playstyle. We recommend reviewing the various stats for both items before you turn them in, as you will not be able to redeem this item or use it elsewhere after you’ve given it to the Finger Reader.

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The stats for these two weapons do vary. The Axe of Godrick is a Physical attack weapon that requires at least 34 Strength and 22 Dexterity to wield. In addition, it has the weapon skill “I Command Thee, Kneel!,” which causes multiple shockwaves to go out from your current position, causing enemies to fall to the ground. The other choice, the Grafted Dragon, requires at least 20 Strength, 14 Dexterity, and 16 Faith. It’s a Fist weapon, capable of unleashing waves of fire against your enemies, and is perfect for characters with a wide range of stats, rather than focusing on only a handful.

When you’re ready to redeem this item, you can find the Finger Reader at the Roundtable Hold when you return there following your victory against Godrick. You can find her directly at the south point of the table, behind a previously closed door. You’ll have to speak to her once to receive her initial dialogue, and when you talk to her again, she’ll share she can reward you with distinct items based on memories you find, such as the Remembrance of the Grafted. Alternatively, you can seek out one of the Walking Mausoleums and duplicate it.