What happens to your Residuum if you fall into the water in Deathloop?

Where is your last death registered?


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During Deathloop’s tutorial, you pick up your very first Slab. It gives you the ability to survive death twice per mission. Once you’ve learned the secrets of Residuum, you’ll be able to harvest it from the location of your last death, providing you have another respawn left. However, it’s unclear where your death is registered if you fall into the ocean. This guide clears up where to find your Residuum if this happens to you.

What happens to your Residuum if you fall into the water?

Screenshot by Gamepur

The water in Deathloop is deadly, so Colt dies if he falls into it and is submerged. At any other point in the game, your death would be registered where you died, and you’d be able to go back to it and absorb all the Residuum you were holding at the time. When you fall in the water, things are different, though.

If you fall into the water and die, your death is registered at the last point that you were standing. This could be high up on a bridge or where you jumped off of a ledge. However, if you land on the ice first, break through it, and die afterward, then your death will be registered on the ice. We discovered this when we fell from a great height onto the ice and found that it didn’t support Colt’s weight. So, in this instance, we had to find the ice that we broke through and absorb our Residuum from there.