What is a breech loaded grenade launcher in Destiny 2

It’s quite simple.

Destiny 2

Image via Bungie

One of the Bounties you can pick up from the Crow on the Tangled Shore is called “Winnowing by Breechloaded Grenade Launcher”, and it challenges you to kill 15 combatants using a breechloaded grenade launcher.

If you are unsure what this actually means, let us break it down for you. Breechloaded grenade launchers are single shot, fire and reload grenade launchers that normally fit in the Kinetic or Energy slots of your loadouts.

The large grenade launchers that fire multiple shots before requiring a reload are drumloaded, and will usually be Power weapons.

If you have no breechloaded grenade launcher, and really want to wrap up the Bounty we would suggest you run the Savek Hunt for the Crow. This boss will drop a weapon called the Defeaning Whisper, and after some experimenting, it is a very strong prospect. It is a Wave Frame, breechloaded grenade launcher that will cause a massive flame to extend from the exploding round in the direction that it was traveling.

This will absolutely nuke huge numbers of lesser enemies with the correct placement, making it an extremely strong prospect when you need strong wave clear.

It is quite fortunate that this weapon would drop from your first Wrathborn Hunt in the game, but we imagine Bungie had it all planned out. Another thing to keep in mind is that this Bounty does not need to be finished during a Hunt, you can kill those 15 combatants at any time. In fact, we finished it up just outside the Spiders Lair on the Tangled Shore.