Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Patch 12.2 Patch Notes – All Buffs and Nerfs

Mercenaries, Twinshots, and Bruisers, oh my!

Image via Riot Games

In the coming weeks, TFT will see a huge change with Set 6.5, Neon Nights. While we’re still enjoying a bit more of Hextech Augments, though, let’s take a closer look into what Patch 12.2 changes for players. And for anyone who’s been abusing Mercenaries, you’re about to get a big overhaul. So, let’s go over how your gameplay is about to evolve.


In the previous patch, building Mercenaries was a losing game, but the kind of game that makes you win at the last second when you suddenly cash in and purchase multiple two-star five-cost units wrecking everyone’s builds. They buffed the class in Patch 12.1, but that buff was clearly too powerful, so they’re decreasing the payout again. Will that be enough to stop Mercenaries from stomping people, though? Speaking of, Tahm Kench got another nerf to hopefully balance out this very punchy and useful catfish.

Bodyguards have also been a huge block for many attack damage builds, so more of their tankiness has been put toward anti-magic shielding, making them a lot weaker to physical damage, like the newly buffed Urgot/Gangplank —bad news for Braum fans.

Class/origin nerfs: Mercenary, Bodyguard

Unit nerfs: Seraphine, Sion, Braum, Tahm Kench

Hextech nerfs: Bodyguard Heart and Crest, Metabolic Accelerator


As we’re reaching the end of this Set, there does seem to be some settling into how this Patch works. After all, there is no class buff on this Patch at all. Instead, we get some buffs to try to power up the Twinshot units again (Urgot, Gangplank), as well as Cho-Gath, everyone’s favorite thick Colossus. Unfortunately, though, the Mercenary nerf might ring hollow if Gangplank is still a really powerful unit. Anyone getting an early Gangplank might still stomp the competition while pushing Mercenary until late game, then switching into a Twinshot Bruiser build. So, this might be a very scary time for people playing against Twinshots.

Class/origin buffs: None

Unit buffs: Cho’Gath, Gangplank, Heimerdinger, Urgot

Hextech buffs: Protector Heart, Item Grab Bag II, Portable Forge, High Roller, Shrug It Off, Wise Spending

Overview and predictions

We’re at a point in TFT where no one might be able to stop the Mercenary train that people are currently on. Though the devs made the build weaker, Gangplank, Tahm Kench, and Twinshots might just be too strong. For the past few weeks, regardless of Patches, Arcanists, Enchanter Snipers, Innovators, and Assassins have sat at the top with little movement. Even though Mercenaries and Innovators may be weaker, they probably won’t be enough to greatly shake up the meta. So, if you don’t like this meta, you might just have to wait until Set 6.5 comes to get back into the game because Urgot’s still going to fill you with bullets from his machine gun knees, Lux is still going to melt you, and Talon, Katarina, Akali, and Shaco are still going to burst you.

On the plus side, at least you have the Lunar Revel this Patch, so enjoy your Dango lanterns and firecracker Jinx.

Stronger builds: Bruiser Twinshot, Mutant Colossus

Weaker builds: Mercenary Bruisers, Innovators